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Worker Retraining

WORKER RETRAINING Information and Updates: FALL AND WINTER QUARTER 2022-2023


Hello, we are checking in to see how you are doing this quarter. If you need to talk with us, please send us an email. We can talk via phone or ZOOM. We are also seeing students in our office. We are located in Mountlake Terrace Hall, Room 130. Email us to find out when we are available for in-person appointments.

Gina Certain (gcertain@edmonds.edu), 425.640.1433

Linda Pendergraft (linda.pendergraft@edmonds.edu), 425.640.1005


Below are some important reminders and information to help you be successful during your training at Edmonds College.

Paying for tuition and books:

Worker Retraining Tuition and Books

Worker Retraining tuition and books assistance will only be available for one to two quarters during your degree or certificate program. In order to be considered for additional quarters you must have a completed financial aid file (FAFSA) for 2022-2023. For more information on applying for FAFSA see below. We also have other funding options through other Workforce grant programs. See additional funding resources below.

Financial Aid (FAFSA) - grants, workstudy, and loans

Worker retraining students are required to apply and complete a financial aid file (FAFSA) for 2022-2023. 

For information on the status of your file, go to your CTC Link account

You might want to consider applying for the Income Recalculation. This will allow the Financial Aid Office to look at current income information. Many Worker Retraining students qualify for regular financial aid grants by completing this form

Other Funding Options

Basic Food and Employment Training (BFET) - if you are eligible for food benefits, you can also get help with childcare, gas, books, and some emergency support services while attending college.

Opportunity Grant - this grant provides funding for tuition and books, to low income students who are pursuing Computers, Electronics and Networks; Allied Health Education; Construction Industry Training; Early Childhood Education; or the Parent Mentor program.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) - This online workshop through WorkSource will provide information on what is WIOA, including resources for education and job search.

Student Emergency Assistance Grant - Are you at risk of dropping out due to unexpected financial emergencies? 

City of Edmonds Grant - City of Edmonds residents who have suffered a workforce interruption, job loss, reduced hours or wages, have a demonstrated financial need, and are pursuing job retraining, are eligible for this grant.

Registration/Enrollment - Winter Quarter 2023:

You can register for classes beginning November 14, 2022 using your CTC Link account. Classes will begin on January 3, 2023.

Technology Support Services: 

Whether you need a password reset, a quick overview of how to use discusions, or even how to download a new web browser, there are options to help you get started. Choose from these options.

Financial Aid Workshop!

When: November 17 at 4 p.m. in Gateway Hall, Room 101 - Please take a look at our campus map to find your way.


All Worker Retraining students are required to apply for regular financial aid to be eligible for future Worker Retraining assistance. This workshop will help you apply, and see if you are eligible for other types of grants. Please email Gina Certain (gcertain@edmonds.edu) if you would like to attend.