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Prior Learning

Earn College Credit for What You Know and Can Do

You have the opportunity to be awarded college credit based upon the knowledge and skills that you bring as a student of Edmonds College. The Prior Learning (PL) process validates what you have already learned and can reduce the number of courses you need to take. By eliminating duplicate coursework that you might have already completed, PL can shorten the time required for you to earn your professional degree and save you money.

The very first step for you is to complete and submit the Edmonds College application form then determine the degree or certificate that you will be working on.


Next, have any transcripts from previous college/universities as well as military training transcripts evaluated through the college’s Enrollment Services department. Additionally, if you have completed any AP or IB or CLEP tests, those should also be reviewed for potential credits.

You will receive written documentation about what credits have been met and which classes are still remaining.

Prior learning credits are aligned with specific Edmonds College classes. You will demonstrate your prior learning to an Edmonds College faculty member through a Course Challenge. The actual challenge will be done by a faculty member who teaches the course and has determined the best method of assessment based upon the learning outcomes of the course.

The faculty member working with you will discuss all assessment options and a timeline so that you will be fully prepared. Course Challenge assessment options could include any of the following:

  • taking the mid-term/final of the course
  • presenting documentation or industry certifications
  • interviews/demonstrations
  • samples of writing or completed projects

More detailed information is available through the Frequently Asked Questions and other listed links. Our staff will walk you through every step—contact the PL Director or a faculty member.