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Bachelor of Applied Science Degree

Tuition and Fees


For updated tuition rates, please refer to "Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Tuition" on the Edmonds College Tuition and Fees page. For further explanation of tuition and fees, please refer to the drop-down boxes below.

BAS courses are taught at the 300-400 level (example: IHCM 310 and IHCM 410) and are considered "upper division" courses. These courses will cost almost twice as much as "lower division" courses, which are taught at the 100-200 level (example: SOC& 101 or PSYC& 200).

The BAS program defaults with 10 credits of upper division courses each Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Depending on each student, additional lower division credits may be added each quarter to fulfill other program requirements towards graduation of the BAS degree. Additional credits added after the initial 10 credits will receive a tuition break. Please see the drop-down below for information on the tuition break.

Any credits taken in addition to the initial 10 credits of upper division IHCM courses within the same quarter will have a tuition break where each credit after the initial 10 credits is at a much lower rate.

For example, for academic year 2020-21, the amount for any credits after the initial 10 IHCM credits will only be $11.30 per credit rather than the regular lower division tuition of $116.05 per credit. This tuition break amount is already reflected in the BAS tuition table when looking at rates for 11+ credits.
Note: These tuition rates will change each year.

Summer Quarter will be regular tuition rates for lower division general education credits because upper division IHCM courses are not offered in the Summer and would not be taken in the same quarter.

Besides tuition, there are additional standard fees added to every credit as well as specified fees for each class.

See Fees on the Edmonds College Tuition webpage for standard fees for all credits.

Additional fees for each class, including IHCM hybrid courses, are listed in the online class schedules each quarter. An insurance fee is collected for IHCM Practicum courses.

Federal Financial Aid is available for this program for those who qualify. Please complete the FAFSA application at least 3 weeks prior to the financial aid deadline.

For students working in an Early Achievers program, Child Care Aware of Washington Scholarships offers a Bachelor's Degree Scholarship. There is also a Pre-BAS coursework pathway for those who are still completing additional credits to meet minimum requirements. Please refer to their website for application information and deadlines.

The Edmonds College Foundation offers multiple scholarships each year for BAS students. The application opens in Summer Quarters.

Other third-party scholarship resources are available on the Scholarships webpage.

To those who qualify and plan to use the WA State and Edmonds College Employee Tuition Waiver, please contact the IHCM department for further details.