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Information Technology - Application Development

Enhance your skills for professional positions in the IT industry.


Now accepting applications for the fall 2021 cohort!

Please visit the Application Process page for further details.

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What Does This Degree Look Like?

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology - Application Development (BAS-ITAD) program builds upon several degrees in the CIS Program by providing students with knowledge and familiarity in languages and developer tools used by major employers in the field.

The skill set taught in this program is highly desirable in today's world and will provide students with the expertise and academic credentials to be competitive in the regional labor market. Graduates from the BAS-ITAD program will be prepared for jobs such as a software engineer, software developer, software developer engineer in test, database administrator, full stack web developer, mobile application developer, and much more.

All BAS-ITAD classes are:

  • Hybrid format
  • Meet from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Taught by faculty with industry experience
  • Offered fall, winter, and spring

Additional general education courses:

  • Vary in time and modes of instruction based on individual student schedules
  • Can be taken with ITAD classes, in the summer or during a third year
For further details on the program:

BAS-ITAD Information Sheet

Breakdown of Degree Requirements (180 credits)

Course Descriptions and Objectives

Program Requirement Sheet


 computer science students
What Do I Need Before Applying?

Prior to starting the BAS-ITAD program, you need to:

  • Complete an Associate in Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) or equivalent degree* in one of the following areas, with a minimum GPA of 2.0:
    • Computer Information Systems (CIS)
    • Web Development and Cloud Computing
    • Computer Science
  • Complete the following prerequisite courses** with a minimum grade of 2.5 in each course:
    • ENGL 101 - English Composition
    • MATH 141 - PreCalculus I
    • PHYS 114 - General Physics
    • CS 143 - Computer Science III Java

*Students without an AAS-T degree are encouraged to consult with the program manager to determine equivalency prior to applying. Students can apply first if they have not completed their degree at the time of application but are scheduled to complete their AAS-T degree, or equivalent, by the end of summer 2020.

**Students with an associate's degree in a related area are encouraged to consult with the program manager for further discussion on whether additional courses are needed prior to applying to the BAS-ITAD. The program manager can also review unofficial transcripts for students who have earned credits and/or degrees from other institutions.

 computer science students
How Do I Apply?

Admission to the BAS-ITAD program is by application only. The program follows a cohort model that admits 30 students each fall. 

Each cohort will follow a specific sequence of BAS-ITAD classes each quarter throughout the program. The program lasts two years (or six quarters).

Application Process

BAS-ITAD Tuition and fees

Funding Sources

Federal Financial Aid

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Worker Retraining Program

VA Education Benefits 



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Lynne Szymanski

BAS-ITAD Program Manager