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Adult High School

Program and Diploma/Credit Requirements

I. Number of credits required:

Students need to complete 19-24 high school credits in specific subject areas and electives. A high school completion advisor will evaluate high school transcripts to determine what classes are needed to complete a high school diploma.

II. Difference between high school and college credits:

High school credits and college credits are not evaluated in the same way. Five college credits (quarter hours) are equivalent to one high school credit. Three college credits (quarter hours) are equivalent to .5 high school credits. Some exceptions to this rule do apply. A 2.0 cumulative GPA in classes taken at Edmonds College is required for graduation.

III. Credit for experiences outside the classroom:

Students may apply for credit from experience outside of school. Some areas include job training, work experience, military experience, homemaking, parenting, and community service.

IV. College classes for high school credit:

Students who read and write at the college level may take college level classes instead of (or in addition to) high school completion classes. These classes count toward both a high school diploma and a college degree. For more information talk to your high school completion advisor.

V. High School Completion credit requirements:

A high school completion advisor will evaluate a student's prior high school transcripts to determine exactly what courses a student needs to graduate with their high school diploma at Edmonds College. Washington State requires a minimum number of credits to graduate, based on year of expected graduation. See Washington State Board of Education website for more information about credit requirements for specific graduation years.


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