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Posted Nov. 23 - Serving and supporting students and the community remotely. Please do not come to campus unless you have an in-person class or a child at the Center for Families. Text us your questions at 425.243.0867.
COVID-19 updates | Winter 2021 Back to School Guide | Get ready to learn online | Center for Families and Housing are open!
PreCollege / Developmental Education

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Pre-College Office is Serving Students Remotely!

For the health and safety of our community, all college offices have moved services online through March 19. We are closed to in-person meetings.

Advisors are available by phone, GoogleMeet or email. Please call 425.640.1593 to make an appointment or connect with your advisor directly.

Zoom Virtual Chat (button below): Mon.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-2 p.m, Tue. 4-8 p.m.

Connect to Pre-College Front Desk

Division Information

425.640.1593 | precollege@edcc.edu | Mukilteo Hall 403

For Adult Basic Education ESL

425.640.1478 | Adult Basic Education ESL

Employee Listing

Name Title Office Phone Email
Meghan Andrew IBEST Case Mgr. (ESL) MUK 414C 425.640.1780 meghan.andrew@edcc.edu
Laura Barre College & Career Navigator   425.599.5137 laura.barre@edcc.edu
Michelle Behan PREP Dept. Head FT Faculty MUK 414D 425.640.1120 michelle.behan@edcc.edu
Chelsey Berry EdCAP Prog. Specialist MUK 414A 425.640.1669 chelsey.berry@edcc.edu
Dusty Brannan HSC Dept. Head FT Faculty MUK 419 425.640.1444 dusty.brannan@edcc.edu
David Breed HSC FT Faculty MUK 421 425.640.1569 dbreed@edcc.edu
Larry Breslauer HSC/EdCAP PT Faculty MUK 414O 425.640.1165 lbreslau@edcc.edu
Maizy Brown EdCAP Case Mgr.  MUK 407 425.640.1173 maizy.brown@edcc.edu
Lauren Campbell LSC-Asst. Director MUK 113 425.640.1089 lauren.campbell@edcc.edu
Allison Cohen Pre-College Division, Dean MUK 439 425.640.1393 allison.cohen@edcc.edu
Meg Connelly BRIDGE/HSC PT Faculty MUK 414M 425.640.1339 ext.7823 meg.connelly@edcc.edu
Sheryl Copeland CCLS Dept. Head PT Faculty   425.640.1339 ext.7805 sheryl.copeland@edcc.edu
Carolee Davis PREP/GED PT Faculty MUK 414H 425.640.1339 ext.7804 cdavis@edcc.edu
Robin Desilet PREP/HSC/GED Case Mgr.  MUK 409 425.640.1018 robin.desilet@edcc.edu
Division Desk Front Desk Staff MUK 403 425.640.1593 precollege@edcc.edu
Ann Dinh Int'l H.S. Case Mgr. MUK 413 425.640.1862 ann.dinh@edcc.edu
Michelle Du Pont Pre-College Admin. Mgr. MUK 438 425.640.1493 mdupont@edcc.edu
Nicole Galipeau HSC FT Faculty MUK 420 425.640.1169 nicole.galipeau@edcc.edu
Lorraine Goddard BRIDGE PT Faculty MUK 414G 425.640.1339 ext.7825 lorraine.goddard@edcc.edu
Daniel Griesbach BRIDGE FT Faculty MUK 417 425.640.1548 daniel.griesbach@edcc.edu
Bobbi Grossman Inst. Tech.     bobbi.grossman@edcc.edu
Barbara Harrell IBEST Case Mgr. MUK 414E 425.640.1593 barbara.harrell@edcc.edu
Syed Jamal Prog. Coor. Int'l H.S MUK 414N 425.640.1491 syed.jamal@edcc.edu
Rebecca Kobernik PREP/HSC/GED Advising Mgr. MUK 406 425.640.1997 rebecca.kobernik@edcc.edu
Beatriz Koteles PREP/GED PT Faculty   425.640.1339 ext.7813 beatriz.koteles@edcc.edu
Karen Lamoreux CCLS-COPSY PT Faculty   425.640.1539 klamor@edcc.edu
Maureen Little Int'l H.S Advising Mgr. MUK 410 425.640.1225 maureen.little@edcc.edu
Jeremy Matthews PREP Dept. Head FT Faculty MUK 424 425.640.1729 jeremy.matthews@edcc.edu
Clay McBride  EdCAP Case Mgr. MUK 404 425.640.1788 clay.mcbride@edcc.edu
Katie McCullough WPREPRS Coordinator MUK 437F 425.640.1675 katie.mccullough@edcc.edu
Liz Mueth Prog.Coor-EdCAP/Pre-College MUK 437G 425.640.1290 elizabeth.mueth@edcc.edu
Alena Nelson-Vietmeier Off. Asst.-LSC MUK 113 425.640.1750 a.nelson-vietmeier@edcc.edu
Rachel Phillips PREP/BRIDGE PT Faculty MUK 414H 425.640.1339 ext.7807 rachel.phillips@edcc.edu
Susan Pittman PREP FT Faculty      
Joylyn Reidhead HSC PT Faculty MUK 414D 425.640.1339 ext.7201 joylyn.reidhead@edcc.edu
Nicole Rios-Gunn IBEST Advising Mgr. MUK 415 425.640.1628 nicole.rios-gunn@edcc.edu
Jeremiah Roland Director-LSC MUK 111 425.640.1045 jeremiah.roland@edcc.edu
Paola Rosario Ferreira Prog. Coor. Pre-College MUK 437E 425.640.1276 p.rosarioferreira@edcc.edu
Stephanie Rothfuss BRIDGE FT Faculty   425.640.1339 ext.7815 stephanie.rothfuss@edcc.edu
Melody Schneider HSC FT Faculty MUK 423 425.640.1106 melody.schneider@edcc.edu
Lisa Schubert BRIDGE/IBEST FT Faculty MUK 416 425.640.1438 lisa.schubert@edcc.edu
Lili Stehle PREP/HSC/GED Off. Asst. MUK 437C 425.640.1670 lili.stehle@edcc.edu
Jean Van Hollebeke PREP/GED PT Faculty   425.640.1642 jean.vanhollebeke@edcc.edu
Katie Wagemans EdCAP Advising Mgr.  MUK 408 425.640.1685 katie.wagemans@edcc.edu
Heidi Walters Prog. Asst. IBEST     heidi.walters@edcc.edu