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Edmonds Career Access Program (EdCAP)

Admission Information

We are now accepting new student applications for Winter 2022. Students are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure they have ample planning time and get their ideal choice of courses.


General questions: Precollege@edcc.edu, 425.640.1593; or show up to our Virtual Front Desk

Specific or Detailed Questions: Email Chelsey.Berry@edcc.edu,
OR schedule phone call or video chat meeting at: https://edcap-appts.youcanbook.me/
(Select Prospective EdCAP Student or Community Member - then select Chelsey Berry)

Application Deadlines:

Priority Deadline #1 - October 29, 2021 at 5 p.m. Priority Deadline #2 - November 26, 2021 at 5 p.m.
Final Deadline - December 10, 2021 at 5 p.m.

Applying to EdCAP 

Step 1 - Send Request for Counselor Recommendation and Transcript* 
(Continue to step 2 immediately after requesting this)

Contact your high school counselor and discuss your desire to join EdCAP. Let them know that you need a counselor recommendation and a transcript and ask them to fill out the following form.

EdCAP Transcript and Recommendation Form for Counselors

* If you were homeschooled, attended outside of the United States, or have another circumstance that makes it difficult or impossible to have a high school counselor complete this form, please reach out to our EdCAP Program Specialist, Chelsey Berry, at Chelsey.Berry@edcc.edu


Step 2 - Complete and Submit EdCAP Required Forms For New Students

The following are links and to all of the forms that are required for the EdCAP Application process. Please review and complete these forms thoroughly. The submission button is located below the forms.

You will be notified when we have reviewed your application for completion, and your documents will then be submitted to the Edmonds School District. The district will utilize state eligibility requirements (Per WAC 392-700-035) along with educational records in order to determine whether or not a student is eligible for EdCAP.

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.


Required Documents:

EdCAP Application Packet

Fillable  /  Print and Scan

EdCAP Photo Release*


Fillable / Print and Scan

EdCAP Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Fillable / Print and Scan

EdCAP Attendance Policy

Fillable / Print and Scan

EdCAP New Student Questionnaire

Fillable / Print and Scan

EdCAP IEP Options Packet*

*Only for students who are currently on an IEP (Or whose IEP would be active if they were currently enrolled)

Fillable / Print and Scan


Submit All Documents Here

Step 3 - Next Steps

When eligibility is determined, you will be notified of approval or denial.

Those who are denied: Students who are denied have an opportunity to re-apply with a stronger recommendation, and will be informed of other options in the area that may suit their needs.

Those who are approved: Students who are approved will be sent an instructional email that contains the following:

  • IEP Share and Revoke Instructions:
  • Instructions for how to apply to Edmonds College
  • Information on GED testing - Math and English GED practice test required during remote operations

Step 4 - Make Registration Appointment/Register for classes

Upon completion of instructions included in welcome email, you will be asked to make a New Student Registration Appointment.

What to expect:

  • Discussion of goals and interests
  • Discussion of previous academic experiences
  • Overview of credits needed for graduation
  • First quarter classes chosen
  • Registration complete and schedule complete

Step 5 - Complete New Student Checklist

New student orientation checklists will be provided to ensure students are set up for success. This is not the complete list, but students can expect to see the following items on that list:

  • Set up Edmonds College EdMail account
  • Purchase Required Textbooks
    • You will receive instructions for how to utilize EdCAP Book Voucher. Please do not use your own money to purchase books
  • Explore Canvas - our online learning system
  • Take required Math and English Test prior to the quarter starting

Step 6 - Start Classes - January 3, 2021!

Failure to complete any of the steps listed above could result in a delay in registration. Make sure you keep in contact if you are struggling to complete any items.