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High School+

Get your high school diploma (online or in-person)!


If you are over 18 years old and want to complete your high school diploma, this affordable program may be for you. Receive credit for skills you already have, including work experience, parenting, military service, and previous school transcript(s).

High school classes are $25 per quarter and offered day, evening, and hybrid. A fully online high school diploma option is also available. Students who are Washington state residents and over the age of 19 have the option to take college level classes at reduced tuition. The cost of reduced tuition is approximately one-third of in-state tuition.

High school diplomas are issued by Edmonds College.

Frequently asked questions

Can I complete my diploma online?Expand ContentCollapse Content

Yes, a fully online high school diploma option is available for students. You’ll meet with an advisor to create an individualized plan to complete your high school credits. Online courses are available in three areas:

  • Online Portfolio: Earn high school credit in subjects such as social studies, science, art, health, physical fitness, and electives.
  • Online Math: Earn high school math credit in subjects such as Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Personal Finance.
  • Online English: Earn all four years of high school English credit while building your reading and writing skills. 
  • Earn a valid Washington state high school diploma that meets requirements for employment and military service
  • Help with finacial aid eligibility
  • Get credit for your life or work experiences that meet the required competencies
  • Have the opportunity to earn college credit and/or prerequisites while completing your high school diploma
  • Learn from teachers who care about your success
  • Get help planning for further education or career training
Students who are 18 and older are eligible for High School+. Students currently enrolled in local high school and international students are not eligible.

Your classes and graduation time both depend on your skill level, credits, and life experience prior to enrolling. Typically students earn their diploma in 1-4 quarters, but some take up to three years.

Our high school diploma is based on 19-24 credits in a variety of subject areas. You will meet with an advisor to determine which classes are best for you. We have classes available day, evening, and fully online.

Yes, students who have college-level skills may take college classes to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. If you don’t have college-level skills, you still may be able to take college classes through the I-BEST program.

You must pay tuition for college classes, but you may be eligible for a discount while in a high school program or while participating in I-BEST.

In most cases, a GED® or high school diploma is required to receive financial aid, but speak to your advisor about exceptions.

It is not necessary to obtain a high school diploma if you have a GED®. GED® and high school diplomas are equivalent for Financial Aid as a high school credential. Yes, you can pursue your high school diploma if you have already earned a GED®.

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