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Frequently asked questions

I-BEST is a learning community that helps students start college-level classes early by waiving English prerequisites on select classes and offering more support. We provide personalized advising, help registering for classes, and guide students through the financial aid process. Plus, we have two teachers in every class to help you succeed! One teacher will provide job training or teach an academic subject. The other will teach basic skills in reading, writing, math, English, or employability. You'll learn several topics at once and move faster toward your career or education goals. Students in I-BEST are nine times more likely to complete a certificate or degree because they have greater access to resources for success.

Prof-Tech I-BEST allows you to earn a certificate and quickly start a new career. “Prof-Tech” is short for “professional-technical,” a term that describes programs that teach practical skills. Students in Prof-Tech I-BEST get extra support with reading, writing and professional communication, while learning the hands-on skills they need to get living-wage jobs in high-demand fields, like healthcare.

Academic I-BEST allows you to take classes for an associate degree while improving your writing and grammar skills. The program offers different classes each quarter, paired with a multi-level English class and writing workshop. Some examples include: Bus&101 - Intro to Business, and CMST&220 - Public Speaking.

You are eligible for Prof-Tech I-BEST if you have one of the following placements: ELA 5/6, AENGL 87, AENGL 90, AENGL 93, ENGLP 87, ENGLP 90, ENGLP 93

You are eligible for Academic I-BEST if you have one of the following placements: ENGLP 90, ENGLP 93, ENGL 99, AENGL 93, AENGL 96

CASAS Reading and Math test required for both Academic and Prof-Tech I-BEST. Eligible score: 220+

Running Start, EdCAP, and international students with F-1 Visas are not eligible for I-BEST at this time. If you are in one of these groups, please see your program’s advisor for assistance. 

CASAS Testing is required to participate in I-BEST, and other pre-college programs. Students are required to test when they start the program and at the end of every quarter. This measurement over time allows the college to understand a student’s growth and skills development during their time with the program.

Some I-BEST classes come with a required PREP 5 support class. PREP 5 classes give students extra time to practice the skills they’re learning in their core studies. Some PREP 5 classes have more credits because they require more time to learn challenging topics or skills.

Most students will be in I-BEST between one and five quarters, depending on their placement and program of study. After that, we connect them with Academic Advising (in Lynnwood Hall) or a faculty advisor in their program for more support with their academic planning. You can meet with an I-BEST advisor to ask about your personal program length and time to completion.

We recommend meeting at least twice per quarter.  Reasons to meet include: quarterly registration, academic plans, financial aid, and other topics. Sometimes additional meetings are needed to complete these processes. You’re also welcome to contact us with questions any time during the quarter!

We love it when students keep in touch. However, we need to balance time to continue serving incoming students. For this reason, once you have completed your I-BEST classes, our advisors will help you transition to other college services during your first quarter in non-I-BEST classes.

Yes. PREP 5 I-BEST  support classes will appear on your transcript.

No. I-BEST students earn the same college degrees and certificates as other students.

I-BEST advisors can refer you to the Career Action Center and other resources when you’re ready to begin your job search. However, I-BEST does not directly help with employment.

No. Not unless you tell them because I-BEST status does not appear on any official documents that employers would see.

I-BEST advisors are very familiar with the various types of financial aid and scholarships available for students. Although I-BEST is not a funding source, our advisors can talk with you about options and help you to apply!

College-level classes in I-BEST cost the regular college tuition rate. The PREP 5 support classes are free, after a waiver is applied on the fifth day of the quarter.

If you cannot find an open appointment on the booking site, you can try emailing your advisor, coming to drop ins, or contacting our front desk for assistance. You can also consider making an appointment with another member of the I-BEST team.

Drop-in advising is offered for students with urgent questions who need to speak to an I-BEST adviser as soon as possible. No appointment is required, but there might be some wait times. 

Join I-BEST Drop-In Hours on Zoom.

Permit codes for I-BEST classes are managed by I-BEST advisors. Contact us directly for help enrolling in the class you want to take. If you need a code for an externship, you will need to contact your teacher.

No, only I-BEST advisers can register students for I-BEST classes after confirming the eligibility requirements. 

To learn more about I-BEST opportunities:

  • Call 425.640.1593 and sign up for an I-BEST/College Prep Orientation
  • Email IBEST@edmonds.edu
  • Visit us at the Pre-College Office in Mukilteo Hall, room 403