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Frequently Asked Questions

Most students graduate within three quarters.


The time it takes for you to complete your degree depends on the classes that you have already completed, from ninth grade and above. During your first quarter, our advisors will evaluate your transcripts and create a personalized high school plan. 

Courses will vary depending on what classes you have previously  completed. All students must complete courses that meet the Washington State high school diploma requirements. See graduation requirements above for the current course requirements.

In most cases yes, you will need a high school diploma in order to apply directly as a freshman or as a transfer student to university. 

All students enrolled at Edmonds College, regardless of their program, have access to all college campus resources, such as free tutoring, transfer advising, and services for students with disabilities. Students also have the opportunity to join on-campus clubs as well as participate in service learning. There are also on-campus job opportunities.

Please refer to the Office of International Programs for the current cost of tuition, housing, and fees.

Yes, the Office of International Programs offers scholarships for new and current international students. The Edmonds College Foundation also offers annual scholarships for currently enrolled students.

If you have any additional questions, please contact OIP Admissions at issadmission@edmonds.edu.