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Image of charts and graphsLearn about the production and consumption of goods and services, scarcity and choice. The study of economics provides a strong basis for building critical thinking skills in the study of business and the law, while also serving the interests of the liberal arts and general education.

Transfer Requirements

Several cultural diversity courses reflect particular areas of interest. Students planning to pursue business or an economics concentration, should make sure to complete both Economics 201 and 202 (which may be taken in any order). Together, these comprise the equivalent of first-year university-level economics training.

Class Times and Formats

We offer a variety of class times and modes of instruction to help you create a schedule that fits your needs:

  • face-to-face classes meet during the day or evening;
  • Hybrid classes meet face-to face once a week as well as online; 
  • Online classes.

Career Options for Economists

Economics is useful for careers in business, teaching, or public service. Classes explore American economic history, the world economy, and global economic development.