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Student Journalists Make a Difference

The Triton Review journalists are serving an important role by providing up-to-date information about campus events. They ensure that we get to hear our own stories, stories seldom covered in The Herald or The Seattle Times.stack of newspapers

By providing investigative news stories and hard-hitting editorials and opinion pieces from a range of perspectives, student journalists ensure that readers get what they need to make informed choices on the local, state, and national level. Today’s news is tomorrow’s historical record—a record of the significant events, issues, and debates of campus life.

Career Opportunities in Journalism

Reporters work for newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, or online news services. They investigate news leads, interview sources, and research documents related to their stories. Reporters may cover beats, such as crime, politics, medicine, or sports, or they may write features and human- interest stories, film, theater, and book reviews, or opinion columns.

Besides reporting, journalism offers opportunities in editing, layout and design, photography, and business management.

Could You Be a Journalist?

You might consider a career in journalism if you:

  • Are curious about the world around you
  • Read voraciously
  • Like to be where the action is
  • Enjoy interviewing people
  • Write clearly, accurately, and on deadline
  • Have a sense of ethics and fair play
  • Have or are willing to develop good research skills
  • Have a concern for social justice and for the victims of injustice
  • Have the courage to speak truth to power