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Tenured Faculty

Minh CarricoMinh Carrico

Department: Art, Photography and Visual Communication
Phone: 425.640.1390
Email: minh.carrico@edmonds.edu
Office: MDL 230

Minh Carrico is an artist, curator, and educator. Their present studio practice focuses on producing public art installations and curating gallery exhibitions that examines the issues of citizenship, standardization and the construction of identities. Their artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries across North America and are held within public collections.

They launched a creative career in advertising and editorial photography while in the midst of college in Austin, Texas. Their business model expanded by incorporating graphic design projects while living in New York City. Clients include: Annie Leibovitz, Benjamin Moore Paint, Martha Stewart Living, MTV, and Whole Foods Market.

Minh enjoys teaching the portfolio course where students learn the best practices for showcasing their talents to potential employers. Witnessing each student's progress at the conclusion of the Visual Communications Associate of Technical Arts Degree is rewarding to say the least. 

Audineh AsafAudineh Asaf

Department: Art
Phone: 425.640.1912
Email: audineh.asaf@edmonds.edu
Office: MDL 231

Audineh “Audi” Asaf is an Edmonds College alumna and serves as faculty and co-chair for the Visual Arts department.

Inspired by her own EC faculty mentor, Audi offers students advice, counsel, expertise, and encouragement and she helps identify opportunities and create experiences to support students’ goals. With her mentorship and example, she shows students that it is not only possible but realistic and deeply fulfilling to pursue their art education and a career in the arts.

Audi holds a BA in Art with an Interdisciplinary Visual Arts concentration from the University of Washington and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College. Audi creates mixed media works on paper that combine elements of printmaking, drawing, photography, and collage. Audi is often involved in collaborative projects with other artists, and she particularly enjoys collaborating with her art students. 

Monica JamesMonica James

Department: Art 
Phone: 425.640.1671
Email: monica.james@edmonds.edu
Office: MDL 232

Whidbey Island artist and educator Monica Lynn James combines abstract expressionism with cultural and historic narrative. Her paintings originally evolved from her own family history incorporating research and newspaper archives from the antebellum South. The series Fugitive Monuments attempts to capture a moving tribute to the enslaved people that have been forgotten. The series traveled to several exhibits across the United States and the Lowe Gallery in London. 

Monica uses her creative voice to educate from the canvas and the classroom. It is her work in education that brought her to the Pacific Northwest to teach visual arts at Edmonds College. James's work has evolved to explore our current relationship to media through light and color. The archives that she pulled from the news transformed into an interest in propaganda and capitalism in her new abstract series. She continues to dedicate her talents to social justice and community outreach.

Administrative Assistant

Department: Art, Photography and Visual Communication 
Phone: 425.640.1749
Office: MDL 121

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Jessica Beck Art  


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Jeremy Schmidt Visco 425.640.1339 x 7245


Michael Wewer Photo 435.640.1339 x 7707