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English Language Acquisition (ELA)

ESL 095 | ESL Introduction to College

Class meets once a week for five weeks.

This class is free to students who are currently enrolled in another ABE ESL class. If this is your only ESL class, the cost is $25.

Learn about

  • The community college system
  • Career and training programs
  • Financial aid, tuition, fees
  • Degrees and certificates
  • Credits, prerequisites, testing
  • Student support services


  • Am I ready for college?
  • How much does college cost?
  • Can I use credits from college in my country?
  • Is my English good enough to study in college?
  • How can I get started?

Get started

Make an appointment with Kristina Slaney, ESL Transitions Advisor.

425.640.1773 | kristina.slaney@edmonds.edu | Mukilteo Hall 309B