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English Language Acquisition (ELA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Students, thank you for your interest in the English Language Acquisition (ELA; formerly ABE ESL) Program. We hope that this information is helpful and look forward to helping you with your registration and seeing you in class.

What Does ELA mean?

English Language Acquisition (ELA; formerly ABE ESL) - English classes are partially funded by the U.S. government. Each state gets money to help pay for classes that teach basic skills (reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language) so that adults can be productive workers, family members, and citizens in the United States.

Who Can Take ELA Classes?

Anyone who:

  • is over 18;
  • is a refugee, immigrant, resident or citizen of the United States;
  • is a non-native English speaker; and
  • places into ESL Level 1-6.

There are a few exceptions. We will explain those to you in person.

How Can I Register for Classes?

Go to edcc.edu/start-ela to sign up for a Advising Orientation Session.

How Much is Tuition? What if I Can't Afford It?

ELA (ESL) classes cost $25 per quarter. If you can't pay the tuition, you may be able to get a waiver (permission not to pay). The waiver is valid for one quarter; then you must reapply.

If the $25 is difficult for you to pay (for example EBT card, WIC, unemployed), please fill out our Tuition Waiver Application

What Tests Do I Have to Take and What Happens Next?

Due to COVID-19, we must advise and place our ESL students through an online orientation and assessment process. During your phone interview with an Advisor we will discuss your placement and answer any questions you have.  

What Happens to My Tuition if I Can't Attend Classes at All?

You can ask to be dropped from the class (email esladvising@edcc.edu) or you can withdraw — remove yourself from the class (email your teacher). When you withdraw, ask for a refund of your $25.  Pay attention to the withdrawal and refund deadlines in the academic calendar.

Is it Necessary to Return to the ELA (ESL) Advising Office to Register Every Quarter?

No. Registration for the next quarter will happen with your teacher at the end of the quarter. However, if you stop attending or if you take some time off, you will have to restart the registration process.


Resources are available for students with all types of disabilities, such as those who are deaf, blind or visually impaired, have mobility or language issues, learning disabilities, or who have chronic health, neurological, psychological, or emotional issues. Services offered include: one-on-one tutoring, test scribes, readers, recorded books, large print materials, and braille. We also help students work with outside agencies and other programs to ensure they succeed in college. Please contact the SSD Office for more information.


EdMail is how the college communicates with you! As a Google campus, Edmonds College students will receive a Gmail account used for college communications. All important information from the college — about enrollment, financial aid, classes, etc. — is sent through your EdMail account. We do not use your personal email. Visit our FAQ for more information.

New Student?

EdMail accounts become active 24-48 hours after registering for a course greater than 0.0 credits.

Once the account is active, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the EdMail Account Management Tool.
    Sign in using your 9-digit SID (ex. 95XXXXXXX) and your PIN (default is birthdate in 6-digit form. MMDDYY ex. September 1, 2011 = 090111)
  2. Once logged in, please record your displayed EdMail address and keep it in a secure location.
  3. Set your EdMail password.
  4. Log in! 


Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at Edmonds College for online, hybrid, and web enhanced classes. Canvas is used for assignments, checking grades, student collaboration, and more.


Note: Your Canvas password is valid for 120 days.




At Edmonds College, students must not cheat (= copy from other students during a test) or plagiarize (= copy from another student’s work). Teachers must tell the college if a student cheats or plagiarizes. The college keeps the information for 3 years. The first time students cheat or plagiarize in class, they will receive a warning. The second time students cheat or plagiarize, their teacher will not accept your work or test, and they will need to meet with the Department Head or the Dean. Don’t copy another student’s test or homework!


Email esladvising@edcc.edu or go to  Contact Us