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Paralegal Department

Program Director
Scott Haddock, J.D. | 425.640.1185 | scott.haddock@edcc.edu

Paralegal Department Support Specialist II
Gwen Fisher | 425.640.1658 | paralegal@edcc.edu | SNH 260

Faculty Advisors
Scott Haddock, J.D.
Hon. Theresa Pouley
David Spence, J.D.

Paralegal Faculty

Name Title Office Phone Email
Scott Haddock, J.D. Tenured Faculty SNH 230  425.640.1185 scott.haddock@edcc.edu
Hon. Theresa Pouley Tenured Faculty SNH 241 425.640.1688 theresa.pouley@edcc.edu
David Spence, J.D. Sr. Associate Faculty SNH 243   david.spence@edcc.edu
Ted Chen, J.D. Associate Faculty SNH 243   edward.chen@edcc.edu
Lizzy Jennings, J.D. Associate Faculty SNH 260   elizabeth.jennings@edcc.edu
Christine Olson, J.D. Associate Faculty SNH 260   christine.olson@edcc.edu
Christy Lagrandeur, J.D. Associate Faculty SNH 260   christy.lagrandeur@edcc.edu