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Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosures

Edmonds College offers many programs leading to professional licensure or professional certification. These licenses are required to practice in the profession (ex. Licensed Registered Nurses). This list contains only Edmonds College programs leading to required licenses or certificates. It also includes the name of the license or certificate and how it can be acquired.

Some professional licenses or certificates are granted at the national level, some are granted by individual states, and some require both national and state components. Each listing includes whether the program meets requirements for each state, does not meet requirements or has not yet been determined to meet requirements.

Certified Nursing Assistant Requirements per the Dept of Health

  1.  Apply for licensure
  2. Send the Credential Verification to the state they are licensed in and that gets returned to DoH
  3. Pass Background check

WA Department of Health Pharmacy Tech certification requirements

Education Requirements

Graduation from, or completion of, a Pharmacy Commission-approved technician training program

    • Pharmacy law study
    • Affidavit of eight hours of pharmacy law study

National Certification Examination

The Washington Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission requires all applicants to provide proof of passing a national pharmacy technician certification examination administered by a program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Information on approved exams is on the NCCA website


In Washington State, phlebotomists are required to have a license issued by the State Department of Health. In addition to this state licensure, students who complete the program are also eligible to apply for:

For students to practice phlebotomy/gain employment as a phlebotomist in the state of Washington they need to do the following:

  • Complete the Phlebotomy Program
  • Fill out an application through the Washington State Department of Health
  • Pay a fee

There is no test required.

Students who complete the Edmonds College Phlebotomy Program can gain employment in most other states without obtaining an additional license, with the exception of California, Nevada, and Louisiana.

California: Students who complete the Clark College phlebotomy program are not eligible to obtain a phlebotomy state license from California because they require completion of a PHLE program that's been accredited by CA.

Nevada: Students who complete the Clark College Phlebotomy program AND obtain national certification are eligible to apply for state licensure in Nevada as a phlebotomist.

Louisiana: Students who complete the Clark College Phlebotomy program AND obtain national certification are eligible to apply for state licensure in Louisiana as a phlebotomist.

National Certification

Students are encouraged to apply for national certification as this will enhance their application when applying for phlebotomy work in all states, specifically those that do not require a license. The national certification can be taken through multiple organizations; Edmonds College prepares students for the ASCP exam. Many clinical facilities will hire without graduates having taken the exam; however, the facilities may require the exam be taken within the first 6 months of employment.