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Scales of justice

Diversity studies

Prepare to take your place in today's diverse multicultural environment




Diversity studies courses examine core concepts related to difference, identity, and belonging. Students explore contemporary and historical relationships of power and social change as well as connections between race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, environment, social class, and religion. Classes are interdisciplinary and emphasize hands-on learning. 

Through collaboration, service, and research, students have opportunities to:

  • Work and communicate effectively in diverse groups and community settings
  • Develop awareness of impacts of social inequities on individuals, communities, and societies
  • Evaluate and participate in social change strategies


Degree Credits Time to Complete Average Cost*
Associate in Arts (Transfer Degree) 90 24 months $8,460

*Average costs include tuition based on WA state resident full-time enrollment. It does not include fees. The costs may vary.


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