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Political Science

Study law, government, and political systems with independent thinkers and gain an informed view of current affairs




Political scientists examine how societies govern themselves at the local, state, national, and international levels. We consider the role that power relations play in creating the institutions, practices, and relations of governance and ask big questions about “Who gets what, when, and how?”

Political science students develop skills in planning and development, research, analysis, communication, and civic engagement. Graduates are prepared for a variety of careers in public service, law, and business. See the American Political Science Association's Careers for Political Science Majors page for more information.

The Edmonds College Political Science Department offers undergraduate research and honors opportunities. Contact your instructor for details.


Degree Credits Time to Complete Average Cost*
Associate in Arts (DTA) 90 18 months $8,460

*Average costs include tuition based on WA state resident full-time enrollment. It does not include fees. The costs may vary.

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Robin Datta | rdatta@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1590 | ALD 253-B

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