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About Our Department

Biology Courses

The Biology Department offers 19 different courses: 1 for pre-college students, 6 for non-majors, and 12 for majors.

The Biology Department offers several classes for transfer students majoring in life science or health-related fields. The BIOL& 211, 212, and 213 sequence provides students with the college-level introduction to biology. This sequence is designed to prepare students for upper division biology classes at universities and four-year colleges. Students are required to have at least one quarter of college-level chemistry prior to BIOL& 211 and life-science majors are strongly encouraged to complete the first year of General Chemistry prior to BIOL& 211. Students planning on transferring to Nutrition, Nursing, Dental Hygiene and other Allied Health programs should also take BIOL& 211 in preparation for Microbiology (BIOL& 260), Nutrition (NUTR& 101), and the two-quarter Human Anatomy and Physiology sequence (BIOL& 241-242).

Three biology classes will fulfill the science distribution (general education) requirements for the Associate of Arts degree with minimal prerequisites. These classes are intended primarily for transfer students who do not plan to major in science. These courses have two prerequisites (placement in Intermediate Algebra (MATH 090) and English Composition I (ENGL& 101).

  • Survey of Biology (BIOL& 100) provides an introduction to major biological principles and scientific processes.
  • Human Biology (BIOL& 175) provides an introduction to human biology, human populations, and human impact on global environmental systems.
  • Western Washington Ecology (BIOL 105) offers the opportunity to study terrestrial organisms and ecosystems common to the Puget Sound lowlands and the west slopes of the Cascade mountains.
  • Marine Biology (BIOL 106) emphasizes the sea life of intertidal Puget Sound and provides field trips to regional beaches.

Biology Classrooms

Our classrooms include well-equipped laboratories, science computer labs, and student study areas. Science lecture rooms include computers with web access, projection systems, and other standard audio-visual equipment. In addition to models, slides, skeletons, other traditional laboratory materials, students use DNA and protein electrophoresis, PCR, and other biotechnology equipment in our laboratories. Our students also take classes in recently renovated chemistry and physics laboratories.