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Yiren Yue, PhD

Office: HZL302F ♦ Phone: 425.640.1740 ♦ Email: yiren.yue@edmonds.edu


Yiren completed her Ph. D. study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in February 2021.
Her research focused on the investigation of the health-promoting effect of food bioactive and
risk assessment of environmental contaminants/pollutants. Yiren joined Edmonds College as a
full-time faculty at the Biology department in September 2022. Before that, she was working in
the pharma industry for over a year. Yiren has a genuine interest in understanding students’
needs, individual development, personal goals, and unique situations. She always creates a
comfortable and respectful learning environment to promote students’ engagement and
improve their learning experiences.


Classes Taught at EC:




Ph.D. in Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2021)
B. E. in Food Science and Technology, Beijing Forestry University (2013)