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The Study of Life

Students Will Learn:

  • An understanding and passion for the biological world,
  • The value and importance of diverse organisms, and
  • A responsibility for life-long learning and application of that learning as a scientifically informed citizen.

Dynamic, Diverse Classes

Whether you desire a rigorous background for life sciences, a foundation for health care-related careers or an excellent liberal arts education, our biology courses provide you with opportunities to learn in a student-centered environment.

You'll get hands-on laboratory and field experiences using investigation methods and experimental techniques that reflect the current state of biological science. In addition to traditional laboratory materials, you'll use DNA and protein electrophoresis, PCR, and other biotechnology equipment in our high-tech laboratories.

All biology courses include a laboratory section that meets once or twice a week.

Courses for Your Bachelor's Degree

We offer courses to help you pursue your bachelor's degree:

Allied Health Education Programs

We offer high-quality prerequisite classes for students seeking careers in health care fields.