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Frequently Asked Questions

I have not taken any college science classes. Which biology classes can I take to fulfill the lab science distribution requirement?

Go to this link: Advising for non-science majors.

Is high school chemistry equivalent to CHEM& 121 or CHEM& 161? Will high school chemistry fulfill the chemistry prerequisite for BIOL& 211?

No. You will need a working knowledge of introductory college chemistry to be successful in BIOL& 211.

Can I take CHEM& 161 and BIOL& 211 at the same time?

No. CHEM& 161 is a prerequisite for BIOL& 211. We encourage students to take the General Chemistry series (CHEM& 161, 162, 163), Math prerequisites, and other prerequisites in their first year; and the Organic Chemistry series (CHEM& 261, 262, 263) and the Biology series (BIOL& 211, 212, 213) the following year.