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Healthcare pathways

Students interested in medical or healthcare careers including doctor, dentist, veterinarian, nurse (RN and LPN), dental hygienist, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritionist/dietician, radiology/sonography, and physicians assistant will be following one of two transfer options to meet their program prerequisites.  Those students wanting careers in nursing, radiology/sonography, dental hygiene, and physical therapy often follow the pre-nursing DTA while the other careers listed typically need to transfer to a 4 year university to obtain their bachelor's degree prior to attending graduate school for their medical training typically follow other associates degree plans including AST-1 or biology.

Please discuss with a biology advisor specializing in healthcare (Lori Hays or Jonathan Miller) or the Edmonds College advising department to create an academic plan and transfer requirements for healthcare schools. Additional information about advising can be found on the advising healthcare majors page.

Why Edmonds College?

At Edmonds College, our affordable classes are small with flexible scheduling options no matter what stage your career in healthcare is currently at.  We offer numerous support programs for students beginning careers in healthcare either through running start or I-BEST to help students jump start their education by getting prerequisites for their high school (running start) or pre-college courses (I-BEST) along with their prerequisites to apply for nursing and other healthcare programs.  We also offer free tutoring in many of our science and math classes through the STEM study room and integrated into our classes (SI tutors for BIOL& 211, BIOL& 241/242, and BIOL& 260).  Students also have the option of taking corequisite classes (BIOL 210, BIOL 251/252, and BIOL 261) for additional instructor support in cellular biology, anatomy & physiology, and microbiology courses. 

I-BEST Support

For students needing to take pre-college English and/or pre-college mathematics may qualify for I-BEST courses.  The following I-BEST courses allow students to take the pre-college courses concurrently while earning the prerequisite course credits needed towards the pre-nursing pathways or for those just needing prerequisites for a variety of healthcare careers.   These I-BEST courses include:

STEM 100 with pre-college English*
NUTR& 101 with pre-college mathematics*
CHEM& 121 with pre-college English*

*Eligible pre-college English placements include: AENGL 90 (ELA 90), AENGL 93 (ELA 93), AENGL 96 (ELA 96), ENGLP 90 (PREP 90), ENGLP 93 (PREP 93), ENGL 99 (PREP 99)

*Eligible pre-college math placements include: MATH 41-42, MATH 47 (PREP 47), MATH 71-74 (PREP 71-74), MATH 77 (PREP 77), MATH 81-84 (PREP 81-84), MATH 87 (PREP 78)

For advising related to these I-BEST courses, please contact the I-BEST program advisors for enrollment in these courses.

Pre-Nursing Pathways

Students interested in careers in nursing can work in a variety of nursing fields as either an RN or LPN.  The pre-nursing pathways allow students to earn their prerequisites to apply to transfer programs to earn their RN with either a bachelors degree or an associate degree.  Students interested in earning their LPN degree can complete these prerequisites and apply to the LPN program at Edmonds College or other programs in the area.  Students can also earn their nursing assistant certification (CNA) at Edmonds College. 

Pre-Nursing DTA

The biology department offers a pre-nursing associate degree that qualifies as a direct transfer agreement with accredited colleges and universities in Washington state for students to complete their first two years of a bachelor degree in RN nursing or prerequisites for an associate degree in RN nursing. 

Pre-LPN Pathway

Students interested in the LPN program at Edmonds College (or other LPN programs) need to take the following prerequisites classes:

  • English Composition I (ENGL& 101)
  • Essentials of Intermediate Algebra (MATH081-084 or MATH087)
  • Nutrition (NUTR& 101)*
  • Interpersonal Communications (CMST& 210)*
  • Lifespan Psychology (PSYC& 200)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIOL& 241/242)
  • Introduction to Chemistry w/ lab (CHEM& 121)

*NOTE: Nutrition and Interpersonal Communications may be completed after applying to the EDC LPN program, but must be completed by the third quarter of the LPN program.

Several of these courses also have prerequisites that are required before enrollment, such as BIOL& 211 as a prerequisite for BIOL& 241 and PSYC&100 as a prerequisite for PSYC& 200.  It is also important to check the prerequisites for mathematics and English for these classes.  

Public Health Pathway

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In a partnership with Central Washington University (CWU), students can earn their associate degree in pre-nursing at Edmonds College and then complete their bachelor's of science in public health with nursing specialization online* for a total of 180 credits.  This allows students to complete the prerequisites for nursing programs and earn a bachelor's degree in public health in four years while staying in the Edmonds area.  Students with a bachelor's degree in public health can work in government, education, or other areas of public health or apply to accelerated nursing or masters in publich health programs.  For program information, contact Lori Hays.

CWU Public Health Program Flyer

*Online classes are for CWU public health courses. Some Edmonds College courses may also be offered online, but other Edmonds College science courses will have some in-person components.

Read more about the program in this CWU press release

Meet Our Students

Student Nurses Organization

Student Nurses Organization

Students interested in nursing can be involved in the student club, Student Nurses Organization (SNO).  Some of the activities include hosting guest speakers with topics relevant to pre-nursing students such as transfer schools, TEAS/PAX testing information, and other topics.  Students interested in being an officer or wanting to participate in club activities can sign up using the SNO website. 

Student Success Stories

"It was my privilege to be a student at Edmonds College. Biology teachers at Edmonds gave the opportunity to learn new things and grow out of my comfort zone into the field I have chose to be my career. They helped me build my confidence to step into the real world with those knowledges and I will be forever grateful for that."

Tien P.- BSN Nursing Student -Seattle University

Tien P.

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"The amazing part about this biology department is their willingness and determination to help each individual student succeed to gain their goals and dreams in life. "


Erika S.- Physical Therapy Doctorate-University of New England

Erika S

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