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Advising Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to some frequently asked questions are provided below. We hope you find this information useful; however it is not meant to substitute for meeting with an advisor. All students, particularly those who are planning to go to a professional school (i.e., engineering, medical, pharmacy) should meet with a Chemistry Department advisor to discuss their individual situations.

I Want to Take CHEM 131. Why Do I Need to Take a Placement Test?

Students who enroll in CHEM 131 are expected to have previously completed a chemistry class so that they are prepared for the rapid pace of this rigorous course. Past experience has shown that students who are unprepared for the class often drop out or perform poorly. The placement test helps to insure that all students in the class have the same minimum set of skills. Students who have completed CHEM 110 at Edmonds College with a grade of 2.0 or better do not need to take the placement test.

Why Can't I Use CHEM 110 as a Prerequisite for BIOL& 211?

Chemistry 110 is designed to prepare students for CHEM 131 and as such is narrowly focused on basic concepts and problem solving skills. This class does not provide the breadth of material necessary to be successful in Bio 201.

I'm Planning to Go into Engineering. Which Chemistry Classes Do I Need to Take?

That depends on what kind of engineering you're planning to study and where you are planning to finish your degree. Different discipline require different courses, and different colleges/universities have different requirements. For all but electrical engineers, our recommendation is that you take the full three-quarter series. That way, you won't have to go back and retake courses later, when you might not remember the material in the previous courses quite as well. You'll also give yourself the flexibility to apply to a variety of different schools. The University of Washington generally requires fewer courses, but it is a very competitive program, and you can't be sure of getting accepted there.

The Course Numbers at Edmonds College Don't Match Those at the UW or Other Local Colleges. How Do I Know Which Courses Are the Same?

Each college has its own unique system for numbering courses. To see how Edmonds College courses match up with UW courses, check out the UW course equivalency guide. If you don't see your course listed or if you have trouble interpreting the tables, it's probably best to see an advisor.