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Careers in Math

Do you enjoy mathematics? Are you interested in studying more mathematics? Not sure what you can do with a degree in Mathematics?  You can do A LOT. Here are a few web sites to start your exploration of careers with math degree(s).

Career Information 

This is from the American Mathematical Society (AMS).  It has many helpful links, everything from math competitions to building your career.  

We use Math

This is from BYU's math department.  Click on the "Careers in Math"  and the "Careers Using Math" tabs at the top to see some great information about jobs in/using math.

Careers for Number People

This site has helpful information about if a career working with numbers is for you, and some examples of careers that use math (and include degree and salary information).

Career Paths for Math Lovers

Here’s a 2019 list of career descriptions for those who love math. Provided by Northeastern University.

Where Can Math Take me?

This site from the University of Kentucky describes what skills you learn by studying math and lists career opportunities.

You are encouraged to talk with your math instructor or to make an advising appointment to discuss your college and career goals in mathematics!