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Please direct general questions and comments about the Math Department to:

Deann Leoni
Department of Mathematics
Edmonds College
20000 68th Ave. W
Lynnwood WA 98036

425.640.1184 | mathdepartment@edmonds.edu


Tiffany Ledford
Department of Mathematics
Edmonds College
20000 68th Ave. W
Lynnwood WA 98036

425.640.1778| mathdepartment@edmonds.edu

Calculator Rental

Learn more about the Calculator Rental Program. Please contact your instructor about renting a calculator while the college is operating remotely.

Faculty Listing

Name Title Office Phone Email
David Adams FT Faculty HZL 202D 425.640.1387 dadams@edmonds.edu
Mary Anderson Associate Faculty SQL 301 425.640.1339 x7057 mary.anderson@edmonds.edu
Pat Averbeck FT Faculty HZL 218 425.640.1093 patrick.averbeck@edmonds.edu
Paulette Botley FT Faculty MUK 204 425.640.1418 paulette.botley@edmonds.edu
Shamar Botley Associate Faculty MUK 207 425.640.1413 sbotley@edmonds.edu
David Breed Associate Faculty MUK 421 425.640.1569 dbreed@edmonds.edu
Richard Davis FT Faculty HZL 302J 425.640.1698 rdavis@edmonds.edu
Jody Daniel Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7079 jody.daniel@edmonds.edu
Sarah Dobbins Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7016 sarah.dobbins@edmonds.edu
Jeff Eldridge FT Faculty HZL 202E 425.640.1434 jeldridg@edmonds.edu
Melissa Hope FT Faculty HZL 202C 425.640.1638 melissa.hope@edmonds.edu
Terry Goldstick Associate Faculty SQL 301 425.640.1339 x7033 terry.goldstick@edmonds.edu
Lourdes Gutierrez Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7066 lourdes.gutierrez@edmonds.edu
Kenneth Hovda Associate Faculty SNH 126 425.640.1339 x7044 kenneth.hovda@edmonds.edu
Tiffany Ledford Dept. Head HZL 202B 425.640.1778 tiffany.ledford@edmonds.edu
Deann Leoni Dept. Head HZL 202F 425.640.1184 dleoni@edmonds.edu
Kimberly Lothyan Associate Faculty   425.640.1426 kimberly.lothyan@edmonds.edu
Nancy Marx Associate Faculty MUK 207 425.640.1339 x7065 nancy.marx@edmonds.edu
Charlie Mason Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7059 cmason@edmonds.edu
Gabrielle McIntosh FT Faculty HZL 202A 425.640.1584 gmcintos@edmonds.edu
Vinh Nguyen Associate Faculty   425.640.1336 x7009 vinh.nguyen@edmonds.edu
George Nzenge Associate Faculty   425.640.1336 x7031 george.nzenge@edmonds.edu
Doug Owen FT Faculty HZL 302G 425.640.1799 doug.owen@edmonds.edu
Maria Pedersen Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7010 maria.pedersen@edmonds.edu
Ananya Rabeya Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7070 ananya.rabeya@edmonds.edu
Jeremiah Roland Associate Faculty   425.640.1045 jeremiah.roland@edmonds.edu
Mahnaz Sadrenassiri Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7069 mahnaz.sadrenassiri@edmonds.edu
Mohsen Salari Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7055 mohsen.salari@edmonds.edu
Denise Shafer Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7086 denise.shafer@edmonds.edu
Tom Shelly Associate Faculty   425.640.1864 thomas.shelly@edmonds.edu
Merc Sollid Associate Faculty MLT 107 425.640.1339 x7061 merc.sollid@edmonds.edu
Brenda Tinning Associate Faculty   425.640.1339 x7023 brenda.tinning@edmonds.edu