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Employee Re-Entry Plan

Re-Entry for Employees

With restrictions being lifted by Gov. Inslee for Washington state, Edmonds College will continue to focus on the wellbeing and safety of our campus community. This means continuing to work remotely for now, and then taking a phased approach to our return to regular work on campus. This also means taking some of what we have learned about how and when we can be productive and giving teams the flexibility – where possible – to coordinate classified and exempt employees to work remotely up to 2 days per week.

The phased plan allows everyone some time to readjust, adapt, and coordinate family care and work schedules. The option to work remotely up to 2 days a week remains possible through December 2021 for those whose work allows them to work from home and whose work is not compromised. Our hope is that this will be a successful pilot, and that we will be able to extend this benefit long term for classified and exempt employees.

The Reentry Task Force and COVID-19 Response Team worked together to develop this guidance for campus leadership as they develop plans for their teams to return to campus:

Department Planning Period: July 1-21

At the direction of the appropriate PLT member, unit supervisors will use this three week period to develop Return to Campus plans for their respective areas. These plans will allow for flexibility appropriate to each working group and the work they do, while helping classified and exempt employees take time to readjust to being in the office, on campus, and reconnecting in a face-to-face environment.

Return to Campus department plans need to be submitted to Jade.Jeter-Hill@edmonds.edu by July 21. After the department plan is submitted, team leaders will meet briefly with Jade Jeter-Hill to discuss and make adjustments as needed.

Phase 1 - Voluntary Return to Campus: July 12-23

Those who believe they can be most productive and most comfortable working on campus, or who want to come in a day or two to readjust to being on campus, are welcome to coordinate with their supervisors to begin working on campus July 12. This return is for those who make the choice to come back for limited days or simply wish to return to a full-time on-campus work schedule. These classified and exempt employees will need to coordinate with their teams to meet campus safety standards while their team or department leader completes any additional planning for the rest of the department to return. To schedule for these early return dates, please submit information here.

Phase 2 - Partial Staffing (ramping up from 25-75%): July 26-Sept. 3

Classified and exempt employees begin on-campus work. Those whose jobs allow for remote work with supervisor approval will start with a minimum of one day a week on campus.

During this phase, we will keep our summer Fridays flexible as well, so those who want to condense their hours into 4 days a week can. The campus’ summer Fridays run from the week of July 12 through Sept. 3. We ask that no one work on campus on Fridays in the summer. So if you choose to work on Fridays, please make sure that it is one of your remote work days.

Phasing in In-Person Services: Aug. 2-Sept. 3 In order to give our employees the opportunity to settle in and adjust to being back on campus, we will delay in-person services until Aug. 2. The college will offer in-person services by appointment only Aug. 2 through Sept. 3.

Phase 3 - Full Staffing, In-Person Services: Sept. 7 through fall quarter

Starting Sept. 7, it is expected that employees will return to work on campus, all in-person services will resume, and all safety protocols will be followed. All non-teaching employees will continue to be allowed to work remotely up to 2 days a week in a hybrid schedule, if their supervisor approves and their job allows them to do so. Telework agreements will be determined by supervisors in each employee’s work unit as they address ways for employees and the team to be fully effective. Employees will need to work with their supervisor to fill out a teleworking agreement to turn into Human Resources if they plan to work a hybrid schedule as noted above.

Hybrid work models will be reassessed in December to determine if we are being fully effective in meeting our mission.

Facilities, Custodial, and Campus Safety are reviewing the recommendations from State Health and the CDC for keeping us all safe as we return. They will be sharing the updated COVID-19 Safety Protocols for EC before July 1 to ensure we know what will be in place.

See Re-Entry FAQs.