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Frequently Asked questions


Beginning January 1, 2023


COVID-19 vaccinations and attestations will no longer be required to take classes at Edmonds College.


Vaccinations will remain required for all current and new employees through the end of the 2022-2023 academic year, June 30. Medical or religious exemptions may still be requested. Employees on an exemption must wear a mask on campus at all times.


Vaccinations and attestations will no longer be required for visitors to campus.

Exemptions will be allowed for medical or religious reasons. Those with an exemption will be required to wear a mask while indoors on campus per the governor’s proclamation and guidance provided by the State Department of Health and Labor and Industries. Reasons for exemptions will not be shared outside of Human Resources and the college’s designated Health Coordination Officer. Vaccination attestation and exemption verification are located in ctcLink (Student and HCM Self-Service-Immunization Attestation tile).

EmployeesEmployees seeking a medical or religious exemption will need to apply through HR by emailing hr@edmonds.edu. Also, only a doctor or licensed health care practitioner can certify a medical exemption. 

Students: Students who are not fully vaccinated and attending in-person classes will be required to declare a religious or medical exemption in ctcLink and follow defined safety protocols at all times. Note: Being fully vaccinated means you’ve had the last dose of the vaccine to complete your vaccination (depending on the type) and have also completed the two-week waiting period.


We understand that flight plans and vaccine access may affect your arrival to the U.S. Attendance is required the first week of classes. Please check the first day of school and plan to arrive by at least the first day of the quarter. We require students to complete the online orientation before the first day of classes. If you are unable to attend the in-person part of orientation, please be sure to connect with us by emailing oip_desk@edmonds.edu.

Be prepared to provide the documentation given to you by your healthcare provider. Bring what you have with you.
Rules for showing proof of vaccination are continually changing. We recommend that you keep proof of vaccination with you just in case.