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Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

Guide to Emergency Preparedness: Shelter-in-Place

A shelter-in-place situation means there may be a dangerous contaminant released into the air. If a shelter-in-place is announced, all students and employees should stay inside.

What To Do

  1. Tell others to enter the nearest building and stay.
  2. Shut and lock the door, if possible.
  3. Close all windows, shades, blinds, or curtains.
  4. Gather available disaster supplies.
  5. If available, use duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal all cracks around the door(s) and any air vents.
  6. Write down the name of everyone in the room.
  7. Ask everyone to call or text their emergency contact and let them know they are safe.
  8. Shelter-in-place until you are told that it is safe to leave.