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The schedule for free, live Zoom tutoring for all subjects available on Fridays

How to Participate

Simply click the buttons below during the available times listed to get in line for a drop-in session you want to enter! You will be placed into a waiting room and admitted to your own private tutoring session once the tutor is free to work with you. 

Please remember:

  • We work with students in the order that they enter the waiting room, on a first-come, first-served basis. There may be no students in line in front of you; there may be 3 students in line in front of you. Be patient!
  • We are limiting our one-on-one sessions to 20 minutes at a time (30 minutes for writing tutoring sessions). This is so that every student gets a chance to work with a tutor.
  • You should come to the session prepared with at least one question you want to ask the tutor and ready to engage and learn. It's a good idea to have all of the things you might need for the session (your textbook, your paper(s), your questions for the tutor, any screenshots you might want to show them) prepared in advance to maximize your time.
  • Be kind to and generous with your tutor. They are doing the best they can to answer your questions. Anyone behaving inappropriately will not be allowed to continue in the session.


To find a session for the class you want, find the subject you want help with and make sure we list your particular class -- then look at the time(s) we offer tutoring on that day. If you click the button to join a tutoring session during a time that is listed as available, you will be put into a waiting room and eventually admitted to our tutoring rooms. 

Please be patient--depending on how busy our tutors are, you might be waiting in the waiting room for up to 20-30 minutes (though usually it will not take nearly that long).

If you want to return to the main Ask a Tutor: Live page to choose another day of the week, click here.

Subject and Classes Available Open Tutoring Session Times (Drop-In During Hours Listed) Join Your Session

ALL writing assignments

for all departments and classes, including:

AENGL (87, 90, 93, 96)

ENGL (99, 101, 102, etc)

ENGLP (87, 88, 90, 93)

ELA levels 5 & 6 classes

& any other class where you are completing writing homework/papers

Closed For Quarter Break



Join A Writing Session

BSTEC 109, 129, 130, 211, 224

Closed For Quarter Break

Join A BSTEC Session

CHEM  110, 121, 139, 161 

Closed For Quarter Break

Join A Chem Session

CIS 100, 102, 251

Closed For Quarter Break

Join A CIS Session

Computer Science 115, 125, 131, 132

Closed For Quarter Break

Join A CS Session

Engineering 121


Closed For Quarter Break


Join A ENGR Session

Math 41, 42, 43, 44, 47

Math 71, 72, 73, 74

Math 81, 82, 83, 84

Math 93, 94

PREP (Math) 46, 48

Math 141, 142

Math 151

Closed For Quarter Break



Join a Math Session

Math 152

Closed For Quarter Break

Join A Math Session

Philosophy 106

Closed For Quarter Break

Join A Logic Session