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Edmonds College Online/Make-up Test

Occasionally, a student may not be able to take a test at the scheduled class time because of an illness or some other unavoidable conflict. Under these circumstances, the instructor may use the Testing and Assessment Services to administer the test by filling out and submitting the “Proctored Tests for Online Classes/Makeup Test” Request Form to our office and providing them with a hard copy of the exam.

We cannot be used to administer multiple versions of a test to a student or group of students, and the Testing and Assessment Services cannot be used to administer a test to an entire class. (This last restriction does not apply to online classes.)

Testing and Assessment Services staff is responsible for administration and collection of exams. All other logistics regarding the exams are the responsibility of the instructors.


Please coordinate the test schedule and directions with the student(s).

Please complete and submit “Proctored Tests for Online Classes/Makeup Test” Request Form with the test materials to the Testing and Assessment Services preferably 24-48 hours before the scheduled test.

You can either complete our test request form, attach it to the test(s), and bring it to our office (or send it to us via campus mail).  The other option would be to email the exam to our Print and Mail Center asking them to put the exams in our campus mail box. 

You are welcome to email us the test instructions and student names in this case so we know to check our campus mailbox.

The Testing and Assessment Services will not make a hard copy of the exam if instructors submit the exam in an electronic format.


No appointment necessary. Make sure to check our web site for our hours to ensure you give yourself enough time to complete your exam.

WHAT: Bring your Picture Identification with you. This could include your driver’s license, student ID card, passport, etc. 

If students are taking a proctored exam that allows aides such as a calculator or scantron, notes, this is the student’s responsibility. Testing and Assessment Services will provide you with scratch paper and pencils.

Babies and children are not permitted into the exam rooms at any time.

WHERE: We are located in Mountlake Terrace Hall, Room 152.  Get the campus map.

FEE: There is no FEE for administering Edmonds Community College Online/Make-up exams.

WHO: Your proctors are Kyle Heng, Yam Ho, Cathy Vo, Anna Sotolongo.

FYI: We are happy to proctor any exam in paper or standard web page. Testing and Assessment Services cannot proctor any test that requires specific software or audio equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, Excel®, Office®, Word®, CDs, Headphones, Typing Speed test or Professional Certification.