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Energy is on everyone's mind these days, whether it's to conserve energy for cost savings and the reduction of carbon emissions, or to produce energy through renewable sources for the same reasons. Edmonds College is committed to becoming a climate neutral institution through the Climate Commitment

Currently, Edmonds College is in the process of completing an investment grade audit to identify cost-effective, energy-efficiency projects at the college. Related to the audit, the college is also completing an initial carbon footprint, which will be maintained annually. When these are complete, specific information about both projects will be published on this website.

A note from VP Kevin McKay to the college community explains these projects:

"Many of you are aware that our campus has been working through a series of three energy efficiency project, two of which were partially funded by large grants from our state's Commerce Department ($850k and $660k, respectively). All three projects have been developed using an energy services company (ESCO). ESCOs audit, engineer, and coordinate projects of this sort, and typically guarantee the first few years of energy savings. All three of our campus projects had to generate sufficient savings to more than pay for the cost of the improvements.

"The first of the three projects is complete and work on projects two and three are now underway. We have just received the first verification from Snohomish PUD of the results from project #1 (see the attached one-page PDF). Bear in mind, this is just the electrical savings. These projects are designed to generate similar (or greater) savings in natural gas as well.

"In short, in the last seven months we have achieved a 16.2% reduction in our campus power (electricity) use, which equals $49,826 off our campus utility bill.

"This was accomplished at a time when we were increasing the square footage of our campus building footprint and with energy costs rising. In addition to the very real savings on campus energy expenses, these projects underscore our commitment to sustainability, the Presidents Climate Commitment, and the Snohomish PUD Energy Challenge (to reduce our energy consumption by 10 percent).

"This is just the beginning of the benefits we will reap from these three projects, and we will provide additional updates as the data becomes available."


Since August 2008, the college has adjusted its temperature settings campus-wide to be 68˚ in winter and 72˚ in summer, which garners savings in both energy use and carbon emissions. Other conservation efforts include shutting down heating/cooling systems when buildings are unoccupied, closing the campus for a half-day every Friday during the summer, and closing most of the campus for a period of time during the winter holidays.

Sustainability at Edmonds College

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