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Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

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Edmonds College is a member of AASHE, which is an association of colleges and  universities working to advance sustainability in higher education in the US and Canada.  As a member, all students, staff, and faculty can access AASHE resources to assist in sustainability efforts.  Check out AASHE Benefits to find out more about these benefits and how to access them.

Washington Center: Curriculum for the Bioregion

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Edmonds College is one of about 30 schools participating in the Curriculum for the Bioregion initiative with a focus on the Puget Sound bioregion.




The recycling program at Edmonds College is headed by Steve Prewett in the grounds department. Steve and his two student assistants collect recyclables five days a week, on an as-needed basis (except for paper, which is scheduled). There are five categories of items our program can recycle: paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, and glass.

Sustainable Edmonds

The mission of Sustainable Edmonds is to help Edmonds, Washington, to become ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. As a citizens’ organization we seek to bring together people in Edmonds who are concerned with understanding and acting on the challenges arising from climate change, energy, building and land use, food supply, and related issues. We recognize that we are a community with diverse viewpoints on such issues and we will try to achieve workable outcomes that will help us to achieve a sustainable future.