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Curriculum Resources

This page contains a number of web links and other resource information that you might find useful in developing class curriculum around the concept of sustainability. Be sure to check with the Edmonds College Library for additional sources of information.

Integrative Assessment Material - Information about building concepts of sustainability into undergraduate curriculum from the Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative.

Sustainability Learning Outcomes - This is a draft of sustainability-infused learning outcomes from the Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative.


Campus/Administrative Sustainability Resources

AASHE, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Ed

Edmonds College is a member of AASHE, which is an association of colleges and  universities working to advance sustainability in higher education in the US and Canada. As a member, all students, staff, and faculty can access AASHE resources to assist in sustainability efforts. Check out AASHE Benefits to find out more about these benefits and how to access them.

Check out Links of Interest for more information.

The Sustainability Initiative website is maintained by a staff member of the Vice-President's for Workforce Development office. Please contact the webmaster if you see a problem with this particular website.