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Workshop Series

Affirming and Envisioning Sustainable Practices at Edmonds College

This series of workshops were designed to create a forum for the entire community to come together and dive into a specific topic more deeply and explore our practices at the college, both the successes and the challenges.

The Future of Food: Eating Sustainably with Limited Resources | June 3, 2009

Last summer, the Sustainability Council held the first in a series of workshops around the topic of food. Holly Hughes, English faculty, joined Dan Mitchell from Food Services and Charles Drabkin from Culinary Arts to engage community members in a conversation about food. Twenty-two folks were in attendance at this workshop. View the agenda and bibliography. View the mind map of ideas generated by participants.

Energy Efficiency: Saving Energy, Saving Money, and Saving Our Environment | November 19, 2009

Our second workshop in our series Envisioning and Affirming Sustainable Practices at Edmonds College was on Energy. Alison Pugh, Energy Managment Coordinator, joined Laura McCrae from Snohomish County PUD, Kevin McKay, VP for Finance and Operations, and PS Reilly from NextGen Today Consulting. We explored energy use at the college and in the region as well as opportunities for conservation. We began with a presentation from Snohomish County PUD about our region’s energy use (SnoPUD presentation link), shared the results of a recent energy systems audit and ESCO project at the college (ESCO presentation link) as well as the results of our first carbon footprint assessment (Carbon Footprint presentation link), and brainstormed what might be possible in the future  View the minutes from the workshop here.

View the agenda and bibliography here.

Closing the Loop on our Waste Stream | February 4, 2010

recyle graphicOur third workshop in our series, Affirming and Envisioning Sustainable Practices at Edmonds College explored our waste stream at the college and in the region as well as opportunities for improvements. We began with a presentation from Snohomish County Public Works Planner, Sego Jackson, who talked about consumerism, the products we use, and our responsibility & producer responsibility towards managing waste.  Steve Fisher of the City of Lynnwood talked about the city’s efforts. Stan Linder, Associate Director for Facilities at Edmonds College and Steve Prewett, our Recycling Coordinator provided information on the college's work in this area. Presentations and notes to be posted soon!

Waste Workshop Agenda

Presentation by Sego Jackson

Sustainability at Edmonds College

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