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English Placement

There are various ways you can identify the best English class level to start with. Select the category below that best describes you to see your options for English placement. You can email supporting documents, such as high school transcripts or previous test scores, to Testing and Assessment Services in order to get your placement confirmed. If you need Directed Self-Placement you’ll be able to complete that online, with your Edmonds College student ID number.

You qualify for English 101 if…

  • You have a cumulative HS GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • You have a Smarter Balanced score of 3 or higher.
  • You have IB, AP, SAT, ACT scores that meet these levels.
  • None of those apply? Choose Directed Self-Placement to determine the best English class for you.
  • If you have taken ENGL& 101 at another Washington community college it will transfer here. Email your unofficial transcript to testingcenter@edmonds.edu.
  • An English composition class at another college may substitute for English 101. Email your unofficial transcript to testingcenter@edmonds.edu for evaluation.
  • If you have placement in ENGL& 101 from another Washington community college, we will honor that placement. Email your placement document to testingcenter@edmonds.edu.
  • None of those apply? Choose Directed Self-Placement to determine the best English class for you.
  • Edmonds College offers a variety of classes and programs to help you earn your high school diploma, improve your job prospects, or prepare for college. Students in high school completion programs may be eligible to complete Directed Self-Placement. Please contact the Pre-College division for information.
  • Running Start students should contact the Running Start office for English placement.
  • If you need help with English before you go to college, learn about classes in ELA, English Language Acquisition. Then schedule an appointment with an ELA advisor.
  • If you are ready for college-level work in English and you are an advanced speaker, listener, reader, and writer of English, choose Directed Self-Placement to determine the best English class for you.
  • Contact the office of International Programs to find out about class placement.
  • Directed Self-Placement is not available to international students at this time.


Contact Testing and Assessment Services if none of these situations applies to you, or if you have questions about how to get placed in English.

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