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In addition to VA education benefits, student veterans can also receive federal financial, scholarships, and other opportunities to help pay for college. In the links below, you can access some of the funding opportunities for military/veterans available online and offered through Edmonds College.

Edmonds College encourages all students to apply for federal financial aid. To apply, follow the financial aid application instructions and submit your application online. After submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you will need to access your Edmonds College financial aid portal. The portal and is located on the Edmonds College financial aid website.

Student veterans and dependents may be eligible for several types of aid including grants, loans, and work study positions, in addition to VA compensation or education benefits. To learn more about the costs of college and to compare schools, check out the cost calculators and comparison tools on the financial aid website.

Veterans discharged within the last four years and are pursuing a professional/technical program of study may be eligible for Edmonds College Worker Retraining funding and services. Contact the Worker Retraining office for more information.

Edmonds College offers several scholarships designed specifically for student veterans, along with more than 200 other scholarship opportunities via the Edmonds College Foundation. To access eligibility criteria, application requirements, or contact information, check out the scholarship FAQ page.

One (1) application is required to be considered for all Foundation scholarships. To view and apply for current scholarships, visit the application instructions page.

Students entering their last quarter at Edmonds College and who have experienced a recent financial hardship that impacts their ability to graduate are encouraged to apply for the Complete the Dream Scholarship.

There are a wide variety of scholarship opportunities available for veterans and dependents attending college depending on your circumstances and situation. Some of the numerous veterans scholarship opportunities and resources can be accessed via the links below. Additional sources of funding can be located online.

Student Veterans of America (SVA)
SVA offers a national scholarship program for student veterans. Checkout the SVA link above for more information on programs and resources. Contact the Edmonds College Student Veterans Association to get involved on campus.

Utilize military.com's Scholarship Finder tool to help you locate scholarships for military and veterans. You must create an account for access to lots of scholarship opportunities.

Pat Tillman Foundation Scholarship
The Pat Tillman Foundation offers a scholarship in honor of the former NFL player, turned Army Ranger. Check out the link above for more information.

TonaLaw Veterans Scholarship
A national scholarship is offered to veterans through the law office of Thomas Tona. The scholarship is worth $1000. Veterans can view deadlines and apply online via the link above.

Marine Crops Support Group (MCSG) Scholarship
Veterans of the Marines and Navy Corpsman are eligible for the MCSG scholarship. Access the link above for an application or contact the Edmonds College Foundation.

Student veterans and dependents may also be eligible to earn money while attending college. The programs listed below are designed to allow students to focus on school while earning valuable experience and money! Contact the VRC or access the links below for more information.

VA Workstudy Program
Veterans utilizing VA education benefits may be eligible for this program. Contact the Edmonds College VA Certifying Official for information on openings. Workstudy positions are also offered locally at the Everett Vet Center and Snohomish County Worksource offices.

Edmonds College Employment Opportunities
Student Veterans are encouraged to apply with Edmonds College. In addition to full-time positions, Edmonds College offers many part-time opportunities. Student positions are also available via the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (CSEL). Contact Edmonds College Human Resources or specific departments with questions.

Vet Corps
The Vet Corps program is a paid opportunity via the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) for student veterans to earn money while in college by supporting fellow veterans. Check out the link above or contact the Edmonds College Vet Corps Navigator for more information.

Veterans Conservation Corps
The Snohomish County Veterans Conservation Corps offers veterans a paid internship opportunity by contributing to the well-being and preservation of natural lands. Application information and eligibility information is available via the Conservation Corps website link above.