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Veterans benefits and resources

Veterans benefits and resources can help you be successful and the VRC encourages all student veterans to explore available benefits. Contact the VRC with questions about any of the federal, state, or local, resources and benefits listed below.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

VA provides all Veterans with many services to support you after leaving the military. Services include low/no-cost healthcare, compensation, education and training benefits, employment assistance and many more. Check out the quick links below, access explore.va.gov or vets.gov for more information and to apply for benefits.

*Accessing VA benefits or services will not affect other VA programs that you may be utilizing (GI Bill®, VR&E, etc.)

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

There are some basic differences between VA training and education programs. Some programs may benefit you more than others, depending on your situation and circumstances. Veterans and dependents utilizing benefits may also be eligible for the VA Workstudy program. Check out the links below or contact the VRC for more information. You can also contact the VA education department directly.

Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33)
In addition to paying tuition, the Post 9/11 provides veterans and eligible dependents with a monthly housing allowance (MHA) based on the E5 with dependents rate and enrollment status. Calculate your MHA rate online via the Defense Travel Management Office website.  Veterans may also be eligible for tutorial assistance. Veterans are eligible for 36 months of benefits under Post 9/11. Check out the 9/11 link above or VA's Post 9/11 GI Bill® pamphlet for more  information.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31)
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE) services can cover all costs associated with your education or training program, including tuition, books, and supplies (other items may be approved). Veterans eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits may be able to receive the Post 9/11 monthly housing allowance while using VRE.

In addition to tuition, supplies, and career development services, VRE can assist veterans secure employment as well. Veterans may be eligible to receive 48 months of training benefits under VRE (more than 48 months may be authorized in some cases). Visit the VRE eligibility page for more information.  Veterans can learn more about the application process and apply online via the VRE website.

Dependents Educational Assistance (Chapter 35)
Dependents of eligible veterans are able to receive educational assistance under the DEA program. Visit the DEA program link above for eligibility criteria and more information. You can also contact VA.

Forever GI Bill
Access the VA Forever GI Bill® link above for more information about the program or contact VA directly with questions about your specific situation.

Other VA Education and Training Programs
For information on programs not listed here, visit the VA education programs link above or contact VA directly.

VA provides dedicated services to assist veterans search for and locate employment opportunities, develop career interests and goals, and translate military experience and knowledge for civilian employers. Check out the links below for more information on VA employment resources.

Employment Services
Check out the link above for a broad overview of some VA employment programs and training resources. Veterans can also access resume development tools, military skills translation, and career development tools on the VA Employment Resources page

Veterans Employment Center (VEC)
The VEC provides resources and information for veterans leaving active duty, resume building tools, skills and interests development assistance, and job searching tools. Veterans can also access veterans programs for specific industries, information about starting a business, and  Department of Labor veterans employment resources. VA also offers the CareerScope aptitude and interest assessment to assist veterans identify career paths.

Compensation is a helpful tool to ensure your post-military success, the well-being of your family, and demonstrates a repayment for your service. Check out the links below for more information on compensation claims.

NOTE: Veterans with non-service connected medical conditions may be eligible for the VA Pension program.

VA Compensation Website
This site explains what compensation is, how to apply, and other types of information related to compensation claims. Access the menu on the left to learn more about each component of the claims process or click on the video links. Learn how to apply for compensation benefits on the VA website.

Compensation 101: What exactly is VA compensation?
This page describes what VA compensation is and how it works. 

How to Successfully File a VA Compensation Claim
The link above contains helpful information about the compensation claim process. Generally speaking, it is helpful to understand the claims process in order to file an effective claim.

Getting Your Claim Processed Favorably and Quickly
Check out these tips to learn more about filing an effective claim. It is important to be knowledgeable about your claim since nobody knows your story better than you!

Compensation Rating Matrix
This site explains benefits associated with different VA compensation rating levels.

Claims Assistance (Veterans Service Organizations)
If you would like assistance in filing a compensation claim, you can search for Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) online using the VSO link above. Check out the Benefits Assistance section below or contact the Veterans Success Specialist with questions.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Filing a claim does not impact or reduce any other VA benefits you may be receiving
  • Veterans may work and receive disability compensation at the same time
  • Receiving compensation does not impact benefits received by other veterans
  • Receiving a VA rating can provide you with access to additional benefits and services
  • Veterans with dependents receive additional compensation
  • Dependents may be eligible for benefits based on your rating
  • Filing a claim sooner rather than later is very beneficial and can be easier
  • You are your own best advocate! Ask questions!

All Veterans can access low-cost or free healthcare and mental health services at a variety of facilities in the Puget Sound region. Enrollment in VA healthcare fulfills coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act. VA compensation ratings also impact the amount, if any, you are charged for healthcare services. OIF, OEF, and OND Veterans are eligible for free healthcare for 5 years after discharge.

Healthcare Benefits
Check out the VA Healthcare eligibility page for information about your specific veteran status. Veterans can for apply VA healthcare benefits online, over the phone, or in person by accessing the VA Healthcare application page. Veterans may also be eligible to receive healthcare in their local community under the VA Choice Program.

VA Puget Sound Healthcare System
VA offers services throughout Washington state and the Puget Sound region. In addition to the Seattle VA Medical Center and the American Lake Medical Center (Tacoma), veterans can receive services at other facilities as well. For questions about where to access your care, contact the VA Puget Sound Healthcare eligibility department. A complete list of VA facilities in Washington state is available online.

Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC)
CBOCs allow veterans to access VA healthcare services in their local community without traveling to a VA hospital. Local CBOCs are located in North Seattle, Bellevue, and Mount Vernon. Contact the VA Puget Sound Healthcare eligibility department for more information about CBOCs.

Vet Centers
Veterans and family members may be eligible to receive military transition assistance, personal counseling, and benefits assistance. Vet Centers are located in Everett, Seattle, and other areas around Puget Sound. Check out the Vet Center website for more information on services and eligibility.

Choice Program
After enrolling for VA healthcare, you may be eligible for non-VA care in your local community. Based on Choice Program eligibility criteria, veterans can request to receive care in their local community. After receiving approval from VA, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. The VA Choice Program is administered by TriWest Healthcare Alliance.

Check out the links below for information on eligibility and services. For questions about programs not listed or other information contact VA directly.

Transition Assistance
VA transition assistance resources can help military personnel, veterans, and family members plan and prepare for life once military service ends. Access the link above or contact the Veterans Success Specialist directly for assistance with transition issues and concerns.

The eBenefits web portal allows veterans and family members to explore, apply for benefits, manage benefits, track your claim status, print benefit verification letters, and more. Register for an account online.

Veterans can control their VA healthcare via the MyHealtheVet website. The online portal allows veterans to order prescriptions, email care providers, access medical records and view appointments. Veterans can also request appointments using VA's scheduling app.

Home Loans
VA home loans help veterans purchase homes by not requiring down a payment or mortgage insurance, in addition to other benefits. VA also offers home buying guidance and resources online for veterans. Check out the VAntage Point Blog or the home loan link above for more information about loan benefits, eligibility, and applying.

Burial Benefits
Access the link above for information burial allowances, grave markers, funeral honors, and other services and resources.

Survivor/Dependent Benefits
Family members of eligible veterans can access certain VA benefits as dependents or survivors. Access the link above or checkout VA's survivors and dependents benefits booklet online for more information.

Life Insurance
VA offers veterans with several types of life insurance programs based on individual circumstances. Access the link above for information on programs, eligibility, and applying.


homeless vets (HUD/VASH)

Washington State Veterans Benefits and Resources

The state of Washington offer several types of benefits for veterans. General information about Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) services, programs and benefits is available online. Additional Washington state veterans benefits information is located below.

Reduced Fees and Passes
Washington state offer veterans access to reduced fees for hunting, fishing, transportation  and others. Check out the link above for more information.

Armed Forces License Plates and Service Emblems
Eligible veterans and families can honor their service via specialized armed forces plates and service ribbon emblems for their vehicles. Check out the link above for more information.

Employment Services
In addition to general employment support services, the state of Washington allows some veterans to translate military training into civilian credentials. A list of occupations eligible for professional credentialing based on military training is located on the employment services link above. Eligible veterans may also be able to secure a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) within 90 days of discharge.

Veterans Innovation Program
Eligible veterans can receive financial hardship assistance. Access the Veterans Innovation Program link above for more information.

Property Tax Relief
Eligibility criteria is located in the link above.

Snohomish County Veterans Assistance Program
Eligible veterans living within Snohomish County can receive financial assistance, care referrals, housing assistance and other services. Access the link above or contact the assistance program directly for more information.

Veterans can access a variety of employment services and via WorkSource throughout Snohomish County. Veterans Employment Specialists make weekly visits to the VRC to assist veterans in gaining employment. WorkSource locations are located throughout Washington.

Veterans One-Stop
Each Tuesday, veterans and service providers gather at the Verdant Community Wellness Center to eat food, share stories, and access resources. The One-Stop is located a few minutes off the Edmonds College campus in Lynnwood.

Veterans Service Center - Everett

Northwest Justice Project
Veterans in need of legal assistance can access resources via the NW Justice Project website link above. Additional legal resources for veterans can be found at repwavets.org.

Catholic Community Services (CCS)
CCS offers services for a wide variety of circumstances including financial, housing, case management, and veterans issues. Information about services can be accessed via the link above or by contact the Snohomish County office. An honorable discharge is not required to access services.

Need help accessing benefits and understanding what you are eligible for? VSOs can help veterans and their families explore resources and services. VSOs also can help veterans file compensation claims and some offer other services including employment assistance and events for veterans and families. Listed below are some well known VSOs in the local area. A complete list of approved VSOs is located on the VA website.

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)
WWP provides a variety of services for veterans who have served after September 11, 2001. Services includes compensation assistance, employment support, events, and more. Contact information for the WWP Seattle office is located online.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
The VFW serves veterans who have participated in theaters of operations overseas. VFW can assist veterans with numerous services including compensation, student scholarships, financial assistance, and employment opportunities. VFW Post 1040 is located in Lynnwood and Post 8870 is located in Edmonds.

American Legion
The American Legion provides assistance with compensation claims, financial assistance, educational resources, community involvement and many others. Legion Post 66 is located in Edmonds and Post 234 is located in Mountlake Terrace.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Veterans can access benefits assistance, employment resources, and other services as well. For information on local offices, check out the DAV Washington website.

VA Regional Office - Seattle
Veterans may also access claims assistance and resources at the VA Regional Office in downtown Seattle. Access the link above for more information.