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Student Veterans Association

The Edmonds College Student Veterans Association (SVA) provides opportunities for veterans to participate in a variety of activities on and off campus. If you are interested in supporting fellow student veterans, the local veteran community, and free food and events, contact the SVA President or Vet Corps Navigator for more information! 

Meetings are held weekly at the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) in Lynnwood 215. SVA event information is posted and updated regularly.

Upcoming Meetings:

 Contact SVA for more information about upcoming meetings.

SVA President:
Gina Pena

Vet Corps Navigator:
Carl Kurfess

National Student Veterans Association (SVA)
Edmonds College is a member of the SVA. This national organization was founded in 2008 and is committed to helping student veterans reach their career and educational goals. Veterans can access SVA program information online. Programs include scholarships, career development, and other opportunities.

Mission: To create an environment that empowers students and veterans to achieve their personal, professional and academic goals through campus and community engagement.

Vision: We serve as a voice for students, veterans and their family members on campus while building camaraderie between student veterans and the community.