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New in Washington State!

International Medical Graduates Clinical Experience License

In 2021, the legislature passed SHB 1129. This new law requires the Medical Commission (WMC) offer a limited license for International Medical Graduates (IMG) to gain clinical experience. Those meeting specific criteria and requirements below can be licensed for two years, with the option for one renewal for a total practice time of four years.

This is a pathway to consider if you have been out of practice for a number of years, have gone through the MATCH process without successfully obtaining a residency, or are considering another pathway such as research or public health and would like to practice as a physician while pursuing that pathway.  

The Washington Academy for  International Medical Graduates (WAIMG) is striving to integrate the doctors into the Washington health care system. To accomplish this, we provide the following services:

  • Academic Coaching to assist in preparation for competency and licensing examinations.
  • Clinical Experience
  • Career Counseling and mentorship for International medical graduates pursuing other careers

The licensing requirements for foreign trained pharmacists can be found in the Pharmacist License by Exam for Foreign Graduates Application Packet on the Washington State Department of Health website. 

Internship opportunities - note that these are posted positions that can be found on job search sites such as Indeed.com.  General qualifications include:

International Community Health Services

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

Providence Northwest Washington Pharmacy Residency Programs 

Seattle Children’s Hospital 

Tacoma General Hospital 


An overview of the licensing requirements for foreign trained nurses can be found in the Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse Trained Outside the United States Licensure Requirements document on the Washington State Department of Health website.