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HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETION for international students


Since 1971, Edmonds College has established a strong reputation for innovation and excellence in international student services. As one of our proudest achievements, Edmonds introduced the first and one-of-a-kind High School Completion Program to international students in the Seattle, Washington area and in the U.S. This program is designed to allow qualified international students (16 years and older) to complete a Washington State high school diploma and earn a 2-year college degree transferable to universities in as fast as two years!

Benefits of EC High School Completion Program:

  • Receive your high school diploma when you complete graduation requirements
  • Earn a high school diploma while taking university courses
  • Save time and money
  • Dedicated faculty and advising staff to ensure your success
  • Admissions to EC grants you conditional admission to our closest university partners, but you can transfer anywhere in the USA
  • For 2021-2022 Receive a $500 tuition discount for 2 quarters
  • Have grades of 3.3 or higher? Apply for new students scholarship of $1,000.00
  • Study in a class American students with this kind of study plan

Why Choose High School Completion at Edmonds College? 


Edmonds College Program Other Programs in Washington State
No prior high school level work required for admissions. Completion of grade 9 or 10 and a minimum GPA are required for admissions.
International students receive their HS diploma upon meeting graduation requirements. Students must complete an associate degree before being granted a High School diploma.
International High School Completion team dedicated to advise international students exclusively. No High School  program dedicated staff.
Applicants must be 16 years old by the 10th business day of the first quarter of enrollment. Applicants must be 16 years old to apply.
16 year olds are admitted into on campus dormitories Must be 17 years old to be admitted into the dormitories. 16 year olds must live in Homestay. 


leonardLeonard Romangsuriat
From Indonesia | Transferred to University of Washington - Foster School of Business

“I chose to study in Edmonds College because of the high school program that allows international students to complete high school within 2-3 quarters as well as take college level classes.”

unaUna Pavicevic
From Montenegro | Transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology (Croatia)

“Edmonds College helps prepare you for college in so many ways. We have access to the Learning Support Center, Writing Center, and we can visit advisor and teacher offices for help.”


Edmonds College Program Private High Schools
Earn transferable college credits at no additional charge. Prepare for and pay for high stakes tests (such as AP and IB) without knowing if you will earn credits.
Flexible format so that students with high English skills can begin earning college credits immediately. Many schools follow the traditional 9th-12th grade format which restricts the number of college credits a student can earn in high school.
Graduate faster than your friends at private schools. You must stay at the school for four years in order to get your high school diploma.

Students have transferred to Edmonds from CATS Academy (Massachusetts); the Northwest School (Seattle); the Darrow School, Seton Catholic, Houghton Academy  (New York); Bethel Christian School (Louisiana);  Adventist Academy, Bethany Christian (Texas) and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until further notice, international students can obtain a High School diploma fully online. These example study plans are for international students on an online class plan. Each example study plan shows different class schedules for students starting at different TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo English scores. It will give you an idea of what your entire program at Edmonds College, in the Seattle area, could look like depending on your starting English level. Questions? Email us at internationalhs@edmonds.edu 

When you come to high school at Edmonds, you get a fresh start.  The grades from your old school(s) will not be included in your Edmonds GPA. If you can commit yourself to your studies, you are welcome at Edmonds and able to study in the Seattle area. We will provide you with supportive teachers and advisors to help you on the path to academic success while studying in Seattle.

Most international students can complete their high school diploma at Edmonds in 9 or 12 months or within three quarters.

The time it takes for you to complete your degree depends on the classes that you have already completed, from ninth grade and above. During your first quarter, our advisors will evaluate your transcripts and create a personalized high school plan while studying in Seattle. 

Most students need to take English, math, U.S. history, science and health. Some students also need to take PE, music or art, and/or science.  

Yes, you will fulfill your high school requirements by taking some high school-level classes and some college classes.  Students with advanced English and math skills may be able to take most of their high school requirements through our college program.

When you come to high school at Edmonds, you get a fresh start.  The grades from your old school(s) will not be included in your Edmonds GPA. If you can commit yourself to your studies, you are welcome at Edmonds. We will provide you with supportive teachers and advisors to help you on the path to academic success.

Our program offers academic advisors dedicated to serving international high school students exclusively and preparing them for a successful transition to college while studying in the Seattle area. Transfer advisors help international students plan and prepare for their university transfer.  There are no additional costs for any of these services.

Example of a few services offered: 

  • Dedicated high school academic advisors and instructors
  • University transfer services
  • Assistance choosing a college major
  • Free on-campus and remote tutoring serving most time zones
  • Services for Students with Disabilities