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Welcome to Student Services!

The purpose of Student Services is to provide comprehensive programs and services that effectively promote and support the educational, professional and personal goals of students in a student-centered environment that is safe, accepting and inclusive.

Student services, in collaboration with instruction and the campus community, endeavors to

  • value and promote the diversity of all students and staff
  • ensure access to the educational process
  • offer opportunities for student participation
  • facilitate programs and services that enable student to persist and succeed
  • encourage students to work independently and interdependently
  • encourage lifelong learning

The role of Student Services is to provide services that promote and support student responsibility and active participation in the ongoing process of teaching and learning. As learning is the process through which student development occurs, it is important for students to be actively engaged in curricular as well as co-curricular offerings that will encourage students to be life-long learners and prepare for leadership and service as responsible world citizens.

Student Services believes in the importance of developing a dynamic relationship between instruction and all members of the campus community by creating a student-centered environment with a genuine shared purpose that promotes learning and intellectual challenge, a sense of personal worth, social responsibility, and civic engagement.

Students' well-being is important in fostering an open and secure campus climate that is dedicated to student learning and development.  Students and staff strive to provide an environment that is accepting by valuing the contributions, efforts and inherent diversity of all students.

Student success is the paramount goal of Student Services at Edmonds College.  To this end, the achievement of students' personal, educational and professional goals will be determined by quality programs and services that are provided as well as the individual responsibility all students assume for their success.  Student Services staff will endeavor to work with and provide assistance to students in a caring and supportive environment that enhances the total educational experience.