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Edmonds College’s Creative Retirement Institute (CRI) offers short classes and community just for those age 50 and older. The not-for-credit classes typically cost between $10-$65. Spring classes April 6-June 19 include discussions of current issues such as health care, politics, international relations, and science as well as explorations in the humanities: music, history, literature, philosophy and religion.

Each quarter begins with a lunch and presentation open to all.

Tickets for the lunch are $20 or $12 for CRI members with class registration. Purchase tickets by March 4 at the Edmonds Conference Center, 201 4th Ave. N, downtown Edmonds.

Register now for more than 25 spring classes including: Pharmacy 101, Theatre preview: As You Like It, The Politics of Iran, The Invention of Love, Conflict in the Congo, and The Complete Works of Frederic Chopin.

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Creative Retirement Institute: short classes and community for those age 50 and older