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Student portraits and essays featured in a new art exhibit


“Profiles in the Art of Living,” an art exhibit featuring portraits of Edmonds College students and their essays, is on exhibit through May 30 in Mountlake Terrace Hall. 

Art of Living

Left to right, top row: Rebecca Bisset, Brad Vongphrachanh, Zepeng Thomas Wei, Dana Martinez. Bottom row: Shawn Patton, Santi Wibanawantini, Abdullah Polovina, and Fasi Tekle.

The photographs were taken by Edmonds CC photography students working with instructor Michael Wewer. The student photographers are Tonja Gabryshak, Kristen Eslinger, and Kim and Lauren Morrow (mother and daughter).

The exhibit features the photos and stories of 23 current students at Edmonds College. They are students who:

  • have come to the United States from Bosnia, Laos, Korea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, and China;
  • are working to earn GEDs, certificates, and transfer degrees;
  • are raising families, running businesses, serving as spiritual advisors, or working part-time jobs;
  • are planning to become business owners, non-profit and community leaders, elementary school counselors, and to enter careers in which they can earn wages to support their families.

To get to Edmonds CC, they have had to learn English as a second language, overcome financial barriers, find services to support disabilities, and have the confidence and perseverance to believe they belonged in, and could succeed in, college.

The students are sharing their stories with the community to inspire others to pursue their educational goals and to honor the sacrifices their family members made to help them earn a college education.

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