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Mark Melnyk and Frederick Pieters

Mark Melnyk, left, of Community Transit, presented Frederick Pieters the Employee Transportation Coordinator of the Quarter award

Edmonds College's Frederick Pieters is Community Transit's Employee Transportation Coordinator of the Quarter.

The award, given quarterly, recognizes excellence in commute reduction activities. Pieters will be a nominee for Employee Transportation Coordinator of the Year at the Visionary Awards for Snohomish County.

Commute Trip Reduction is a state-wide program that aims to reduce the number of people driving to work alone by working with employers to encourages alternatives such as biking to work, riding the bus, taking the train, or using van or car pools. The goals are to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and petroleum consumption.

Pieters' work contributes to regional sustainability efforts and helps make it easier to find a parking spot on campus.

Pieters' accomplishments include:

  • encouraging a record number of Edmonds CC students and staff to ride Community Transit buses;
  • increasing the amount of carpool parking on campus; and
  • keeping the college community informed about Commute Trip reduction activities.

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