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Edmonds CC students give $600,000 in volunteer labor

Edmonds College students gave more than 30,000 hours of service this year — the equivalent of $600,000 in volunteer labor — in the college's active service-learning program. Read on for more facts about the program and the names of individuals and groups honored at the year end Celebration of Service-Learning.

The Center for Service-Learning engages students, faculty and staff in service and learning activities with community organizations to help make our culture more sustainable.

  • During 2008-2009 19 faculty have offered service-learning in 83 sections of 23 courses.
  • 1,620 service-learning and co-curricular students volunteered for 30,000 hours of social and environmental service with 69 community partners. This service is equivalent to $607,966 in volunteer labor.
  • 32 AmeriCorps members have contributed 9,323 hours of service to the campus and community.
  • Since 2003, AmeriCorps members have earned $385,000 in education awards at Edmonds CC.
  • The Center for Service-Learning supported a dozen service projects on weekends, holidays, and quarter breaks. Partners included the cities of Everett, Lynnwood, Mukilteo and Tacoma; University of Washington Pack Forest; Whidbey Institute; Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and Moran State Park.
  • 74 students enrolled in the LEAF School (Learn and Serve Environmental Anthropology Field School) and are providing 990 hours of environmental service.
  • LEAF students surveyed beach deposition at Kayak Point; helped produced powwows; assisted Stillaguamish Tribe with broodstocking of Chinook; restored salmon habitat at local streams, rivers and estuaries; mentored youth at Cedar Valley Community School, Prove Alternative HS, Granite Falls Alternative HS and Foundation for Sustainable Community; cleaned up garbage on Lake Union, in the Ship Canal and along the Duwamish and Snohomish rivers; documented the presence of wildlife along I-90 corridor; removed invasive species from Jetty Island; and toured local sustainable farms and businesses.

The college received $266,382.50 in grants from external sources:

  • Washington Campus Compact
  • Learn and Serve America: $50,000
  • Retention Project: $113,778
  • Students in Service $62,937.50
  • American Association of Community Colleges: $15,000
  • Snohomish County Septic Research: $24,667
Here are the individuals and groups recognized at the year end Celebration of Service-Learning:

Service-Learning Student of the Year

Penny Green

Volunteer of the Year

Cari Pendergrass

Students in Service Member of the Year

Sandra Kilian

Service-Learning Faculty of the Year

Marie Johnson

Volunteer Group of the Year

S.A.V.E. the Earth Club

Community Partner of the Year

WSU Extension

Campus Service-Learning Partner of the Year

College Relations

AmeriCorps Retention Project

Jacklin Edwards

Jesus Silva

Penny Green

Students in Service

Corbin Powell

Gerard Ah-Fook

John Wennberg

Joseph Contreras

Lisa Quirk

Luke Pirie

Margarita Naumchik

Mary Andrews

Megan Lockhart

Mindi Hart

Nataliya Naumchik

Penny Green

Ryan Gilmore

Sabrina Berthold

Sandra Kilian

Yin Yu

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