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College hosts cyberterrorism defense classes in June

Edmonds College digital forensics and information security instructors Steve Hailey and Mike Andrew, subject matter experts for the Department of Homeland Security-funded Cyberterrorism Defense Initiative (CDI), will be teaching two courses June 22-26: Comprehensive Cyberterrorism Defense and Cyberterrorism First Responder.

These week-long courses are full, but Edmonds CC is now enrolling for its summer Digital Forensics and the Law, CIS 201, and Digital Forensics, CIS 271, classes. Summer classes start July 1.

CDI is a national counter-cyberterrorism training program developed for technical personnel and managers who monitor and protect the nation's critical infrastructures. CDI reaches all levels of public service, including state and local government, law enforcement, firefighting, public utilities, public safety and health, emergency medical services, and colleges and universities.

Classes are free for qualified personnel and are held in easily accessible and centralized locations throughout the country.

The Cyberterrorism Defense Initiative (CDI) was developed and is administered by the Cyberterrorism Defense Analysis Center of the Criminal Justice Institute, University of Arkansas. It is funded by a cooperative agreement from the United States Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Training and Exercise Integration/Training Operations.

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