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Project H.I.R.E: Workers with disabilities, and recent job training, get job search help

Edmonds College has received $100,000 in federal stimulus funds via the state’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist adults with disabilities, who are ready for full-time employment, to find great jobs.

Services available through Project H.I.R.E. include resume development, interview preparation, and job search support. A job developer will also work with clients to help them find job leads and make contacts at companies where they’d like to work.

Those eligible to receive Project H.I.R.E assistance are adults with disabilities who have recently completed education and career-training and can be current or former Edmonds College students, unemployment recipients, or veterans.

The goal is to ensure that people who have training in fields such as construction management, health care, computer information or office technology, business management, or paralegal are able to put their skills to use in positions with mid-to-high wage salaries for those fields and get into jobs that offer benefits.

“In a tough job market, even in an in demand field, it can take extra effort to find the right job opening,” said Anne Penny, business outreach coordinator at Edmonds College. “A protracted job search can be onerous, especially for people with disabilities, and put a real strain on families. We want to make sure qualified people who have trained for skilled positions don’t end up settling for anything less than a great career.”

Through Project H.I.R.E., job seekers receive one-on-one assistance with their job search. There may even be resources available to help them get into jobs faster, such as funds to purchase the tools, work clothes, and licenses they need to start work or to help employers provide initial on-the-job training.

For more information about Project H.I.R.E or to apply, call Nora Brownlie at 425.640.1181. Participants must not be currently enrolled at the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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