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Center for Families honored as an employer of people with disabilities

In October, Edmonds College's Center for Families received the 2009 Governor’s Award for Small Public Employer in recognition of the Center's efforts to recruit, hire and promote the employment of individuals with disabilities.

The award was presented by the Washington State Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment in partnership with the Washington State Business Leadership Network. Work Opportunities, which provides vocational services to people with disabilities, nominated the Center for the award.

The Center partners with Work Opportunities to hire employees with disabilities.

In the nomination, the Center for Families was lauded for its creative and innovative approach to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees with disabilities. The Center was noted for its commitment to hiring people with disabilities and willingness to make accommodations so that employees are able to best perform their jobs.

Co-workers, supervisors, and the families served at the Center were all mentioned as contributing to the inclusive, fair, and equal treatment of employees with disabilities at the Center for Families.

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